Visiting a Buddhist Temple Essay

I recently went to an interfaith convention and met many people from many religions. Among them were Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism. I got to learn a little about every religion, and I thought you might be interested since you are going to be a religion major. All these religions vary because not all of them have one God. There are some with many gods, just like there are some religions that do not have a God. The religion I want to talk about is one that was very interesting to me. Christianity has been around for many years.

The Concept is that there is one God, and he has a son who the followers call Jesus. God gave his only son to be sacrificed so that the world could be saved instead of burning in hell. So all the people who believes will have an eternal life, that is the key point. Now there are many followers of Christianity all over the world. God saves and forgives his people; he blesses them, and never forsakes them, that is what they are taught. Jesus was crucified but maintained his promise of resurrecting on the third day like he told his disciples he would.

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That is how many started believing because they actually saw Jesus after he had been crucified. He was executed by Roman authorities after man people calling him the Messiah. Jesus while he was alive performed many miracles which caused many Jews to believe he was the son of God. He healed the sick, wounded, dead, blind, and death. He came from the Virgin Mary who was a young girl married to Joseph but she was still a virgin. Gabriel the angel came to her and told her she will be expecting a child, which would be the son of God. She was warned of all the events that would occur in his life and she believed and trusted in the lord.

In Judaism they also believe in one God. They are the earliest recorded monotheistic religion, although the exact date is not recorded. There are many Jews around the world, but Judaism started in Israel. In Germany many of the Jews were killed based on their beliefs. There was a Holocaust and this went n in many European countries. They were all evacuated and vaporized. The Jews are widely known for this all over the world. The reason it started was because many countries had an ideology that the Jews killed Jesus, when it was not like that. It was meant for Jesus to be crucified.

Because of this Adolf Hitler convinced his nation that all Jews were bad and deserved to die. The whole idea behind Judaism is to follow Gods word and prepare themselves for the Kingdom of God. They do this by following the rabbis messages and teachings so they can better their soul. After death they will have an eternal life in Heaven with God. The purpose of life is to live your life in a righteous way to please God. The Lord requires justice among each other to be treated equal and fair. Also kindness, have love for one another, just like in Christianity.

In Christianity it is called a bible but in Judaism it is called the torah. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion meaning there are many gods. The whole concept of Hinduism is a good, deeper connection with nature. It focuses on devotion to oneself to have a connection beyond one’s mind. Hinduism is the oldest religion still practiced now. It is the third largest practicing religion all over the world. It was started in India, but has followers all over the world. This religion consists of scarifies and worship to many gods and goddesses. The oldest scripture is about knowledge.

Their gods come in many forms, they may be humans or animals. Brahman is the creator but he is depicted as gods or goddesses. It is very common for Hinduism followers to be very civilized. One of their famous leaders named Mahatma Ghandi persuaded this. In Hinduism the Guru is the leader as in Judaism is the Rabbi and in Christianity is the pastor or priest. They have practice with sounds and body movement. hey are very down to earth. Once death has taken place the believe in reincarnation which is when your souls goes into something else. Life stays here it could go into an anima or someone else.

Buddhism is a religion based on meditation. Buddha founded this religion and is the leader for the Buddhist. The purpose for them in life is to have a spiritual and mental awakening. You get to learn how to be compassion with others. It is a very peaceful and civilized religion. it is calm and helps you find what’s within your soul. It takes on a whole another level almost like Hinduism. Hinduism and Buddhism are very related as for Christianity and Judaism are related as well. Buddha was born in Nepal, India which is why there are followers in India. Sitting by a tree he became Buddha which means the “awakened one”.

The teaching of Buddha is known as Dharma which means truth. IN Buddhism the idea of being reincarnated is the same with Hinduism. It is a wandering should who stays here in this earth go be incarnated in something else. They also like in Christianity have commandments they must follow. Last but not least Sikhism which also comes from India. This Religion who was founded by Guru Nanak, wanted to make a mixture of Muslim and Hindi which is what combined makes this religion. His main point is to have a special meditate with one source which would be one God.

God is one and only and is all knowing and powerful. God is loving and forgiving. Your soul is eternal but the good with eventually be reunited with God. The leader would be a guru in Sikhism. They are a distinctive group who does not cut their hair; they wear shorts, steel bracelets and a sword. The have to have a purification bath and ear an honest living don’t drink and do drugs. Keep your body healthy and clean. All religions have this in common. All religions have a deep connection with their god. This is what they all have in common.