Visual Literacy in Business Essay

The reason why I picked the way I communicated my message is because it is the easiest way to communicate a message to a large group of people. Using power point slide show can be easy because it can keep the presenter organize and on scheduled as far as getting a message across. Each slide goes in order, as you want to talk to your group of people. For me my message is talking about the achievements of my dental clinic has made in the past year. With the power point speech notes at the bottom of each slide it can keep me on point, and able to communicate my message. With the first slide it’s a simple welcome, and opening remarks.It’s a way to break the ice, and to welcome any distinguish guess that might have came for the power point presentation. Also, it’s a way to get into the presentation, and if I wanted to I could have had a funny comment to get people into the message its self.

The second page is really getting into the information, and really showing the achievements that the clinic has made. That’s the over all message I’m trying to get across is that our clinic has been able to see not only mobilizing soldiers, de-mobilizing soldiers, and our normal population we are suppose to see at that clinic.Now along with all that the clinic has been able to keep their failed appointments down, and have set new trends that dencom has started to follow. This right here is a big achievement that has been made by our clinic. We see exams, and if a patient can be seen for a cleaning the same day we will see them the same day. By doing this we can cut down on appointment times, and the number of appointments that have to be seen. By doing this patients don’t have to remember so many different appointments. Dencom has decided to follow this same idea, and apply it to all dental clinics in the Army.

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This is one of the biggest achievements that the Army could recognize our clinic by taken something that was thought of by the soldiers, and using it Army wide. With the third slide I really broke down the numbers using a line chart. As the class four changes to a class three, or two, or one you can see the lines go in opposite direction. I even broke it down in quarters to represent three months at a time. This chart is the most important part of the power point show. It shows all the hard work that has been done at the clinic in the past year.

Also, it is very easy to understand while trying to explain it to a group of people. The pictures that I have decided to use in my final project are all dental related. The first photo I have is a picture of the Commander of the Dentac that I work for, and the Commander of the Western Region Dental Command. Also, the decedents of the person that the dental clinic is name after. The reason this is the first picture you see is because I wanted the people who I would present this to, to know what clinic I’ m talking about.

I’m trying to put a face with the place I’m mainly talking about through out the entire project. You can get a feel for the place will I write about it. Now the second picture is the chart that is the main part of the project.

I broke down the chart into patients we see in a quarterly, and to show how much we have improve in a year for having so many soldiers we have to see. Now the classification system we have is a number system to identify the soldier. Class one means that there is no dental treatment needed until that soldier’s yearly exam has come up again.With the army it makes sure that you have one teeth cleaning and exam every year at the minimum to ensure that you don’t have any major problems. Class two is a soldier that only needs a cleaning or some small dental treatment that can be fix with in short amount of time or with in one dental appointment. So if a soldier has one small cavity that doesn’t affect the nerve of the tooth you can classify him or her as a Class two.

So the other photos that I’ve picked are my personal photos I’ve took from work to show what I do as a dental lab tech and a picture of a dentist doing dental work on a patient.The personal pictures also show what a dental class 3 could be which really relate to the project. The last page of the power point slide show a thank you to the soldiers who has made it all possible. With out the soldiers none of this would be possible. The soldiers are the busiest worker bees in the clinic, and needed to be recognizing in this presentation. It also talks about reaching, and setting new bars for new soldiers to keep while trying to set new ones to reach.

As, each new soldier come in to replace soldiers who are eaving for now assignments the well oil machine of the clinic should still be able to go on. So, for me a power point presentation was the easiest for me to use to show how much hard work the soldiers have been putting in over the past year to set new highs, and to achieve high numbers of conversions. It is easy to communicate a lot of information through power point while using pictures to help make you case. For me it also kept me organize while have speaker notes to help me stay on point and help me say what I need to say.