Vlan And Ip Address Specification Computer Science Essay

The undermentioned certification presents a Network design for freshly started OPTICHROME Ltd Company which provides particular effects for movie and telecasting industries. The Company is divided into three managerial divisions each holding different figure of employees working and besides has different informations transportation rates demands. The first division is rendering and production division consists of 10 employees holding 2 computing machines per employee. Out of which one computing machine per employee is dedicated for strict undertaking of rendering animated frames amongst other computing machines in that division. At dark all the computing machines in rendering divisions transfer the alive frames while making so the information rate between two computing machines must be about 300 Mbps.

The 2nd division is Animation and Modeling division holding 20 employees with one computing machine per employee. This division sometimes requires that two or three computing machines may necessitate to be linked for undertaking so peak informations rate required should be around 50 Mbps. Third division is Marketing, gross revenues and disposal which employees 10 people holding one computing machine per employee and information rates required would be up to 10 Mbps.

Besides there is CEO and two divisional directors each holding one computing machine with informations demand of 10 Mbps. The company has programs to spread out the employees by up to 50 % . To function the above demands of the optichrome Ltd, has gained address scope around netID By utilizing appropriate IP reference subnetting and vLAN ‘s we can make the company demands. Besides by utilizing different classs of overseas telegrams like CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 we can run into the information rate demands of each divisions.

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Data Network design

For the information web design we have to see all the web topologies which we are traveling to utilize besides the web equipment ‘s like switches, routers and the cabling demands for the web design.

Cabling Requirements

First of all we will see the overseas telegrams which we are traveling to utilize for the web design. The edifice infinite that company is about rent has a CAT3 based distorted brace overseas telegram web which is presently used for telephone and 10 Mbps networking. But there are some disadvantages in utilizing CAT3 overseas telegram for the networking in the Optichrome Ltd so to avoid this we will utilize better options for CAT3 overseas telegram.

The Limitations of CAT3 overseas telegrams are:

CAT3 overseas telegram provides the transmittal speed up to 10 Mbps merely whereas the informations transportation rate required by the company are much higher than 10 Mbps. Therefore we have to avoid the usage of CAT3 overseas telegram.

We can accomplish better efficiency and higher transmittal velocity by utilizing following overseas telegrams:

CAT 5 overseas telegram

CAT 5 is unshielded distorted brace overseas telegram. The chief advantage is that Category 5 overseas telegram is typically used for webs running at 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps. The maximal length ( maximal certified length ) for CAT 5 spot or crossing over overseas telegrams is 100 metres. This overseas telegram assists the informations transportation rate demands for disposal gross revenues and selling and life and mold division which is 10Mbps and 50 Mbps severally.

CAT 5E/CAT6 overseas telegram

CAT 5E is an enhanced version of CAT 5 overseas telegram. This overseas telegram is designed for transmittal velocities up to 1 Gbit per second ( 1 Gbps ) which is more than sufficient for the company ‘s demands of the information transportation rates. This overseas telegram has 100 metres range and highest information rate in order to carry through the demand of each division of the company. The rendition and production division has got highest informations transportation rate ( 300 Mbps ) demand amongst all the divisions which is fulfilled utilizing CAT5E/CAT6 overseas telegram.

Networking Technologies & A ; equipment

The nucleus networking equipment ‘s which we are traveling to utilize for the Network design are layer 3 switches.

The web topological diagram for the web design should be as follows:

Figure 1

The above topological diagram shows the inter-connection between layer 3 switches and vLAN ‘s linked to them.

There are four bed 3 switches used for the web design. Layer 3 switches are connected through their bole ports with each other in such a manner that informations can be straight transmitted amongst them and their several vLAN ‘s.

The connexion link shown in black coloring material from switch 1 to vLAN 1 is wired by utilizing Cat 5e overseas telegram. And the links shown in ruddy coloring material are wired to their several vLAN ‘s from their several switches utilizing Cat 5 Cables.

Now vLAN constellations for each division will be as follows:

For vLAN 1, there will be 20 computing machines connected to a switch 1 which will be in bunch to ease the transportation of frames amongst the computing machines. The switch used here will consist of 48 ports because maximal demand of the division will be of 30 computing machines sing future enlargement.

In vLAN2, there would be 20 computing machines connected to exchange 2 and these computing machines can be operated independently. Besides some computing machines can be linked together for undertaking if required. The switch 2 is comprised of 48 ports so that upper limit of 30 computing machines can be configured to the vLAN.

In vLAN3, there would be 10 computing machines connected to exchange 3. The switch consists of 24 ports as the demand for this division is of 15 computing machines sing the enlargement of work force in future.

And eventually vLAN 4 and vLAN 5 will be shacking under switch 5 assigned to divisional directors and CEO severally. This switch is besides comprised of 24 ports which is equal for them. Both the vLAN ‘s are configured on different ports of bed 3 switch.

2.3 Physical Layout Diagram

Now depending upon above web topological design physical layout of the floor can be shown as follows:

Figure 2

Now as per the above floor design the bed 3 switches can be placed inside the SERVICE BLOCK part where the power cabinets and service canals are positioned to supply the power supply to all the switches.

Get downing from the service block the cat 5 overseas telegrams can be wired over the CEO ‘s office, Admin division, the gross revenues and selling section, life & A ; patterning division and 2 divisional director ‘s cabin.

Similarly the Cat 5e overseas telegram can be wired towards the Rendering and production division to ease the informations transportation.

The web design will dwell of single subnets allocated to different division of the company. The design will be composed of IP subnets and vLAN to accomplish the demands of the company. Each division will be divided into separate vLAN. The full web will be divided in the undermentioned mode:

Rendering and Production division will come under vLAN 1 and it will include of 20 computing machines as per the company demand.

Animation and Modelling division would be allocated to vLAN 2 and it will besides include 20 computing machines.

Administration, Gross saless and Marketing division would be allocated vLAN3 which will consist of 10 computing machines.

Divisional directors will come under vLAN 4 holding 2 computing machines.

And for CEO there would be an independent vLAN assigned which is vLANdilouge 5.

VLAN and IP reference specification

The OPTICHROME LTD have acquired the IP reference scope around the net ID therefore we have 256 distinguishable IP references for the computing machines which will be used in three different divisions. But to make so, we have to split these 256 IP references amongst the four different subnets of the given IP reference scope and depending upon those subnets we can make three distinguishable vLANs for three divisions of the company and in add-on to this one offprint vLAN for the CEO and two divisional directors. We can utilize different subnet mask to plan different subnets harmonizing to the demands of each division, which will take into history the future enlargement of the work force of single division of the company. Besides each subnet has its ain Network ID and broadcast ID which will distinguish it from other subnets. Each subnet designed in the web corresponds to divide VLAN which consist of all the IP references assigned to peculiar computing machines in that peculiar subnet.

The IP reference allotment amongst the three Divisions of company can be shown as follows:

Rendering & A ; Production Division

To get down with the first division of the company, there are 10 employees and holding two computing machines each so overall 20 IP reference are required at first glimpse. Therefore to do the first subnet we will utilize 27 as subnet mask which will give us 32 IP references for the host side to take attention of any enlargement of the work force in the division. The address allotment is shown as follows:

Network reference for 1st subnet is

IP addresses from to are allocated to 20 computing machines present inside the division.

Besides this division can utilize the references up to, the proviso of excess IP references are assuring so that if future enlargement is done in this division so sufficient IP references should available to them.

The broadcast reference for this subnet will be

All the above computing machines will come under individual VLAN which will be VLAN1, besides this division has particular demand of rendering animated frames between the computing machines dedicated for this intent, and this can be facilitated by utilizing one VLAN. So we can summaries the reference allotment as follows:

Network ID –

For Current usage – to

For Future use – to

Broadcast ID –

Animation & A ; Modeling Division

This division besides requires 20 IP references for 20 computing machines so to go on with the above subnetting we will necessitate 32 IP references for the host side of this division excessively. Here besides we are utilizing the 27 as subnet mask because we have to take attention of the enlargement of the work force by the company in future. The IP references will be allocated as follows:

The Network reference for this 2nd subnet will be

IP addresses from to are allocated for the 20 Personal computer ‘s so that basic demand of this division is satisfied.

Besides IP addresses from to are available for this division if there is any demand of future enlargement of the work force.

The broadcast reference for this subnet will be

The IP addresses from to will be assigned to vLAN2 which will ease the working of Animation and Modeling division. The separate vLAN provided for this division will take attention of the status where two or more computing machines are required to be linked for the undertaking. So we can sum up the reference allotment for this division as follows:

Network reference –

For current usage – to

Future usage – to

Broadcast reference –

Administration, gross revenues & A ; Marketing Division

This is the 3rd division of the company which is holding 10 employees with one computing machine per employee. Therefore we will plan the 3rd subnet for this division which will dwell of 32 IP references. For the design intent we will utilize 27 as subnet mask which will give us 32 IP references to take attention of entire work force in this division.

The Network reference for this subnet will be

IP addresses from to are allocated for the 10 computing machines so as to supply with basic demands.

Besides IP addresses from to are available for this division for the intent of future enlargement of the work force which may be done by company in the hereafter.

The broadcast reference for this subnet will be

So the entire IP references from to will come under VLAN 3 to function the working of Administration, gross revenues and selling division. All IP references in this subnet are assigned to VLAN 3. We can sum up the reference allotment for this as follows:

Network reference –

For current usage – to

For future purpose- to

Broadcast reference –

Chief executive officer and Divisional Directors

The optichrome Ltd has one CEO and two divisional directors who are pull offing the company. The Chief executive officer and both the divisional directors have one computing machine assigned. The demand of the IP references for them is little as compared to the other divisions therefore we can take different Subnet masks to plan the fourth subnet as follows:

Using 29 as Subnet Mask: If we use 29 as subnet mask so we will be available with 8 IP references. Out of which 3 will be used for CEO and two divisional directors and one for web ID and air ID each. We will stay with 3 more IP references for the hereafter usage but there is hazard in sing merely 3 IP references for future usage.

Using 28 as subnet mask: By utilizing 28 as subnet mask entire 16 IP references are available on the host side that are more than sufficient for CEO and divisional directors including the future enlargement. This will besides cover the Network ID and broadcast ID. Therefore we will prefer 28 as subnet mask. The IP reference allotment for this subnet will be as follows:

The web reference for this subnet will be

The IP addresses from to are allocated for three computing machines which represents CEO and two divisional directors.

Besides the proviso of IP references from to can be used by the company while sing the future enlargement of these stations.

The broadcast reference of this subnet will be

All the above IP references of above from to will organize one subnet. The two divisional directors will be assigned to vLAN4 and vLAN5 will be comprised of CEO.

We can demo the above specification for IP reference allotment and VLAN in the tabular format as follows:

Consecutive No.


IP Address scope

Subnet mask used



Rendering and Production





Animation and Modeling





Administration, gross revenues and Selling





Two Divisional Manager and CEO



4 & A ; 5

The entire Numberss of IP addresses available to us are 256 that is from to but we are merely utilizing 112 IP references in our web design with the consideration of future enlargement of each division in the company that are from to utilizing four subnets. Means still the company has got 144 IP references staying which they can utilize in future if required.

Critical Analysis

The critical analysis of the above designed web can be done as follows:

Strengths of the Network design are as follows:

First of all the web is designed utilizing the bed 3 switches which itself act as routers so they can be extensively used for informations transportation. Switchs are connected to each other through their bole ports and hence in future information can be transferred between the vLAN ‘s through inter vLAN routing if necessary.

The web is designed utilizing bed 3 switches hence routers are non required which makes the design cost-efficient & A ; besides suffice the higher information transmittal velocity between the vLAN ‘s and switches.

Extra Strength of the design is the overseas telegrams used for the information transmittal. The Cat 5 and Cat 5e overseas telegrams facilitates all the information rate demands of the company including their lengths ( up to 100 metres ) over which they are wired inside the edifice.

In the design IP references are divided into different subnets as per the demands of each division and we have used different subnet mask so as to hold optimal usage of IP references while sing the future enlargement in each division. Possibly this, we are left with 144 IP addresses out of 256 that can be used in the hereafter.

The design has conserved the hierarchy inside company by making different vLAN ‘s for directors and CEO which besides provides logical separation from their several sections.

Restrictions of the Design are as follows:

Though we have use layer 3 switches for design, it has some restriction that it leads to the formation of informations cringles ( Broadcast storms ) which is risky and can take to congestion in the web. Therefore in order to avoid this we can do usage of Crossing tree protocol and Bridge protocol informations units which logically separate the links responsible for the informations cringles inside the web.

The design provides different subnet for directors and CEO which maintains the hierarchy but for that directors have to pass on with their several divisions utilizing different vLAN ‘s which can do hold. Alternatively of this generous design could hold been served the demand in which directors will be placed in their several section ‘s vLAN ‘s.


In order to implement all the necessary and sufficient demands and of the OPTICHROME Ltd we have put up the above Network design. The flexible web engineerings and equipment ‘s are used to ease the company demands.

We have used the different vLAN ‘s and subnets to function the intent of distinguishable divisions of the company. The Network design besides considers the future enlargement of the work force which is reflected in planing and delegating the IP addresses to assorted subnets. There are really few loopholes in the web design but they can be avoided utilizing some progress protocols. Therefore to reason the above web design is appropriate for the OPTICHROME Ltd for their execution.