Voting isn’t just for people that are outside of prison Essay

Voting isn’t just for people that are outside of prison. In my opinion I think that everybody has a second chance in life even if they are in prison. They all have rights to vote they are people truing to change their lives.

They maybe did something that others dont agree on at all and that they need to be punished and have no rights at all. What if that was you in their you’ll say that your doing you’re time that you are trying to change and that’s what they are doing.Although depriving people convicted of felonies of the right to vote has a long history, the modern laws in many states are rooted in racial discrimination. More than five million American citizens are now denied the right to vote, including 13% of the African-American population, because of felony convictions. Black Americans are imprisoned at 39 times the rate-violent drug offenses. It is harsh of how mostly is about their rights is about raise people are equal they have all rights to do the same thing as everybody else.

In total, more than 60 percent of people in prison are racial and ethnic minorities. Once released from prison, voter eligibility depends on the state a person votes in, with laws varying widely. Most states deprive parolees and probationers of the vote, and a few states permanently deny the right to vote to all ex-offenders. Ex-offenders in most states have to go through a wide application processes and some may never regain the right to vote again.The state felon voting laws is that in some states they allow felons to vote even when they are in prison and others dont even let then vote even though they are out of prison. In other states people let ex-convicts marry, reproduce, buy beer, own property and drive. They dont lose freedom to religion, their right against self-incrimination. In other places is like if they cant be trusted to help choose our leaders.

If states thought that criminals couldn’t have been reformed; shouldn’t have let them out of prison in the first place.People get out of prison to have the same rights to begin again. And people in prison are trying to change their lives and its like if others dont let them change.

Convicted felons have the right to vote, to have the right to choose who they want to be lead by and vote for the person who they think is gonna make them a better person. That they are going to have a better luck of having their rights before going out of prison. People may say that they dont even let children vote because they dont trust them and there judgment. Why should