vover letter

69 Dubie LaneBraeside, ON K0A1GOJanuary 24, 2016Mr. Grant BerryStore OwnerMetro Grocery Store39 Winners Circle DriveOttawa, ON K2J1GODear Mr. Berry,I am looking to apply for a grocery based position at Metro grocery store. I have gathered experience in the past as a meat department stocker in other grocery stores such as No Frills and feel, that with this past experience I could be a strong asset to your staff and store all around.Currently, I am employed in the Meat department at No Frills, I take inventory of meat we order in to ensure we get it all, move loads from cooler to cooler, and weigh and reprice meat to stock.

With my prior work experience, I already am equipped with a lot of the skills that I would need for this position. Lifting heavy items(around 50 pounds) onto shelves and carts is no challenge for me as I am in good shape from playing sports in my spare time.I have a good attention to detail keeping the products in line and in a neat fashion. When I come to work I always work hard and get my tasks done that I was asked to do in order to make sure that my department works efficiently.Past employees and managers that I have worked under all seem as if they have good thoughts on me complimenting the work I have done for the business, also I have perfect attendance asking for very few days off and rarely calling in sick.

I rotate products as I stock new ones keeping the older products at the front to hopefully sell first. As a past employee at other grocery store chains, I have gathered a fair share of knowledge that I would love the bring to your store hopefully as your newest stockerMy references should be easy to contact if you find the need to and I believe that I should be a good fit for a stocker in your store. You can contact me on my cell (613-256-8273) or email me at ([email protected]) if you would like to arrange an interview with me.Sincerely,Matthew AlbertEnclosures