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wald AveryOswald Avery was a world renowned physician and medical researcher who is mainlyknown for his work with DNA. Him and his team were recognized around the world for hisdiscovery that genes are made up of DNA, which, at the time, most people did not believe. Eventhough he had a childhood that no kid would want to have, he made the best out of it, and heended up being a very successful figure.Oswald Theodore Avery was born on October 21, 1877 and died on February 20, 1955.He was the second of three children, and both of his siblings died of tuberculosis at a youngage. He was a vital supporter for his family, and had moved them out to New York on his own.He attended College in New York. After attending the New York Male Grammar School, he wentto Colgate University. After college Avery pursued an occupation in the field of medicine, with noprior experience in the field, and he attended the College of Physicians and Surgeons in NewYork and received his medical degree in 1904. After getting his medical degree, he beganworking at the Rockefeller University hospital in New York. He became one of the first molecularbiologists, and a “pioneer” in immunochemistry. Immunochemistry is the branch of biochemistryconcerned with immune responses and systems. He was very successful in his studies, andeven though he was good with patients, he enjoyed working behind the scenes with medicalresearch instead. Oswald Avery is best known for his famous experiment with DNA.Avery and his team focused their studies on genetics, and the makeup of genes. Themost common theory before his discovery was that genetic information was contained in cellprotein. Contrary to this general idea, Avery and his team found that in fact, DNA was the carrierof genes in cells. Avery performed an experiment that established that DNA is the material ofwhich genes and chromosomes are made up of. The basic summary of his experiment is,”When isolated from one strain of bacteria, DNA was able to transform another strain andtransfer characteristics onto that second strain” (CSH 2017). This means that DNA was carryinggenetic information, not the cell protein. This groundbreaking discovery was turned into auniversally known theory in the world today. This theory would later become the foundation forfuture experiments such as Watson and Crick’s discovery of the shape and structure of DNA.Oswald Avery is known to have “inspired” the birth of modern genetics and molecular biology.Although Oswald Avery was not awarded anything, such as a Nobel Prize, he is stillfamously known for his impressive works. His dedication to his work and his discoveries wererecognized by many other famously known scientists. Oswald Avery was truly an inspiration tomany scientists, and his involvement in the medical research field will forever be remembered.