Wall Street Movie Analysis Essay

A raider like Gordon Gekko first needs to identify a policy which will be beneficial to the stakeholders. Teldar Paper is a big company but it has some problems and lost $110m last year. Employers are abundant, there are 33vp’s, and they are paid too much. Therefore a policy is needed to solve the problems of the company and satisfy the expectations of stakeholders. An example stakeholder policy for the Teldar might be increasing the company profits by improving efficiency and effectiveness in the company. Teldar company has a lot of different stakeholders such as customers, employees, society, distributors, competitors and creditors.

They will be affected from the impacts of the company policies to the stakeholders and these impacts needed to be discussed in all aspects before reaching a final decision. For example firing employees and offering wage cuts in order to increase company profits will affect employees directly in the short term. Profitable Teldar company will have positively affect the creditors since they would paid their debt and supply more paper to distributors. In the long run, by creating new job opportunities, a profitable company would also affect the society in a good way.

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After carefully assessing the impact of policies to the both to stakeholders and the company, raider should engage with the stakeholders about the policy and start to implement the policy. Stakeholder analysis is an important step in order to meet the needs of all stakeholders, not just to need of company, shareholders or a greedy raider like Gordon Gekko. In Kantian Analysis, adherence to universal principles regardless of consequences is regarded. Universal principles like respect for life, fairness, keeping promises and truth is important.

A raider like Gekko needs to consider these principles while managing the company under Kantian analysis. For example firing employees and offering wage cuts in order to make the company profitable would be harmful to some employees; therefore these actions should be avoided according to the Kantian Analysis. Liquidating the Teldar will harm to employees (since they will lose their jobs), consumers (since they has to lose their brands) and society (since the unemployment rate will be increased) Therefore, a Kantian would not do anything about changing the structure of the Teldar company since restructuring will cause harm to people.