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to effectively manage your Virtual Assistants to Increase Productivity

A Virtual Assistant is an integral part of your
success story, especially if you are not in a position to rent office space for
one. A busy entrepreneur, with or without an office, still needs someone to
handle their correspondence and manage their itinerary amongst other duties.

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 Managing personnel who work from home can be a tricky
affair. Short of bugging their home, which you cannot do, so don’t get any
ideas, there is no way know if they are doing what they said they are doing. It
is important to find feasible ways of managing your assistant for optimum production.

them a trial run.

It would be prudent to give a short project to run,
say one that takes 30-45 minutes to know if you two are a perfect match. If
they cannot keep time or you have to make them revise their work a few times,
you may have to let them go.


If you find yourself with a file full of private messages asking questions on mundane issues, that
VA may not be a good fit for you. Ask them to touch base once in a while and
only text if they must, or if the issue they are handling is sensitive. In
fact, it would be even better if you could handle sensitive issues yourself.


This cannot be overstressed.
You must send them messages constantly. Find out how far they have gone, if
they have any challenges, or if they need more information. Create a sense of
urgency in whatever you have tasked them with.

However, do not nag.

Make use of cloud

A virtual assistant may not be on a
conventional contract and may to disconnect without prior warning.
Unfortunately, we may not always be in a position to find out if the person on
the other side of the keyboard has integrity. To prevent such an individual
from making off with your files, save everything on Cloud. That way, you avoid
unnecessary migraines trying to figure out how to recover your documents or
vital information.

Make sure
your expectations are crystal clear.

Do not be vague in your
directions. Let the VA know exactly what
is expected of them and when. Encourage them to ask for clarification and
discuss any misgivings that may arise in an amicable way. If you leave your
assistant to interpret your sketchy directives in their own way, it might turn
out disastrously. Always ensure you are on the same page.

not take too long to dismiss if you must.

If your assistant is not responsive or does not
deliver as per your agreement, let them go. Immediately. Do not engage yourself
in a long, drawn-out process. If you have
to fire, make no ceremony about it. Just does

should be a priority.

This should be a daily ritual make sure you touch
base on a daily basis. Even just checking on your VA will make them feel they are
still on your team.


Your VA should be aware that the tasks you give them
are important and that they are a part of something great and their
contribution means a lot. Anybody will
feel proud to be associated with great, life-changing

Keeping in touch with your Virtual Assistant is
vitally important. They must know that they are under supervision and that
completing tasks competently and on time is important to you.