Introduction of HamiltonDo you ever wonder who is this founding father and why is he on the 10 dollar bill? Or do you ever wonder why there is a whole musical now about his life? Well, I can explain just that. This 10 dollar founding father’s name is Alexander Hamilton. Alexander was a kid of the Caribbean who had great plans for his future. Alexander Hamilton was a smart man who had great ideas.

His childhood is interesting and his life was exciting. Since it is history it may seem boring, but even now there is a whole musical about his life! Because of him, we would all be lost with a weak government. Alexander’s Childhood    Alexander Hamilton was just a child when his life turned upside down.  His childhood was interesting and exciting as he grew.  Alexander was born on January 11, 1757, in Nevis.  Alex loved education since he was a little boy and he wanted to sail to America to get a good education.  He had no siblings and was pretty lonely since his mother and father worked.  Then, Alex was raised in a way we wouldn’t think is normal now.

He was only 10 years old, his father James Hamilton left him and his mother in 1765. Alex and his mother Rachel Fawcett Lavien lived together until they both got really ill. It turns out it was a really bad fever and Alex got better but his mother did not make it. In the article “Alexander Hamilton” from American History stated, “When Rachel died in 1768, young Hamilton found himself deserted, and this situation may have shaped his view that life required conquest.”Later on, Alexander had a guardian who was willing to take care of him until he was ready to leave for college. He stayed with Nicholas Cruger who was a merchant when he was in his teens.

He employed Alex with a job as a bookkeeper until he was old enough to fend for himself. Alex thought that being a bookkeeper was not his passion and he really wanted to sail to the Americas to start getting into his education at King’s College. In 1777 that dream came true with enough money and support, he went to New York to continue his passions. The text “Alexander Hamilton” from American History stated, “Despite his managerial success, Hamilton considered his job boring and longed to sail for America and advance his education.

”Military Time!    This was the time where the battle for freedom was getting bad. Alex decided to join, ready to fight for his beliefs! In 1776 Alex stopped his college work when he was 19 and decided to join the military. He wasn’t into politics until it became the next big thing. He went to New York at this time to sign up for fighting in the Revolutionary War. He met his rival, Aaron Burr and his new fighting buddies, John Laurens, Marquis de Lafayette, and Hercules Mulligan.

He became an artillery commander when he joined George Washington’s team. Then, in 1777 George Washington automatically loved the ideas that Alex had and he made Alex the aide-de-camp or also known as a colonel lieutenant. Washington needed a right-hand man, and Alex was a perfect choice. During this time he met and two weeks later, married Elizabeth Schuyler. After he did this, he went back to his fighting and stayed there for a bit.

After coming back, Alex was then sent back home in 1781 when Alex and Washington got into a fight. Alex quit being aide-de-camp and was sent back to his home to see his newborn named Philip Hamilton in 1782. Marquis de Lafayette wanted to fight with Hamilton beside him so he and Washington agreed to bring him back into the war. Hamilton, of course, accepted it and came back after spending some time with his son. Alexander had a rough time fighting for America, though he didn’t give up and he kept fighting for the next generation. He fought for his family and his friends which helped him to not give up.This is Alexander Hamilton (right-hand side) next to Washington getting on his horse. This was as they were leaving after Alex becoming aide-de-camp.

Writing A New Life, Finally Free!America won the war and now they are finally free. They have to write a new, free life. They won the war against Britain. They are now a free country and ready to start a new nation. Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison started to write the Federalist Papers. They wrote these papers to urge the citizens to help write a Constitution. Later on, in total they wrote 85 essays, with the three men, they eventually made this happen.

John Jay stopped after writing 5 essays, James Madison only wrote 29, but Alexander wrote the other 51 in a span of 6 months! The article “Alexander Hamilton” from American History stated, “Eighty-five in number, they appeared between October 1787 and May 1788.”Finally, after finishing writing the Articles, it explained the government’s rights and Constitution. They fought but agreed eventually after they saw how Hamilton wrote day and night non-stop. The other two got sick of writing after they finished their last articles, though Alex kept pushing himself. Alexander used 6 months of his own, valuable, life just to write some papers for the country. He did eventually get his plan through Congress and the Federalist Papers were accepted.This was Hamilton after writing the Federalist Papers in 1788 when he was 31 years old.

Hamilton Against Burr?!It is the 1800’s and Burr is jealous because of Alex. Burr and Alex were friends and enemies since the beginning. Though pride is strong enough to even shoot your friend. Alexander’s son died in 1801, one year after the voting. His oldest son Philip Hamilton was shot to death by George Eacker in a duel. Alex was devastated and afraid of getting killed.  Then, there was a vote to see who was president.

It was Aaron Burr against Thomas Jefferson to see who would get to be the president. Alex voted for Thomas Jefferson for many reasons. Alex knew ever since he met Aaron Burr that he would hide his beliefs away from anyone and Jefferson has many beliefs but shows them to the world. Burr was offended because he was a friend of Hamilton since 1776. Later on, Aaron Burr got so jealous that he challenged Hamilton to a duel in Greenwich City, New York City, New Jersey.

Alexander accepted it, but he would never shoot anyone so, he surrendered. It was too late, Aaron Burr shot him near his side. He died the next day holding his wife’s hand and his sister-in-law touching his forehead. Burr got jealous at Hamilton and shot him, though later saw that Hamilton raised his gun up in the air. That meant that he surrendered but Burr already shot which lead to Hamilton being killed.

Jealousy can lead to harming your best friend and enemy. ConclusionMoreover, Alexander Hamilton was a smart man with many great ideas that needed to be shared with the world. He was strong enough to become our 10-dollar founding father!  Imagine a boy born in the Caribbean with only a dream, later becoming a friend of George Washington.

His life was interesting and a good to learn from. We must learn to be like him and have good ideas. He was a brave man that decided to show us his beliefs.

Our lives would be different if it wasn’t for Alex and his ideas about banks, the Federalist Papers, or the Constitution.