?we films so that it won`t be difficult

?we live to learn and gain new skills every day, but learning a language is very different from learning anything else. While chemistry requires sitting in the labs to practice scientific experiments, language requires going down the streets and deal and talk with people. The goal is simply to communicate with others.?    If you cannot go to the place that has the people who speaks the language you want to learn, there is nothing better than movies. It’s your involvement in the language world to get to know the way people think and speak. It’s easier for you to understand and speak.?Why did you choose how to learn English by watching movies? Because this method combines many of the principle of learning a language, it is achieving the principle of learning, listening to the language of the native speakers and the output of the correct characters, and it is beneficial in helping you to write the correct pronunciation  immediately, all of this is happening while you watch a fun film and spend a nice time.?    Developing a language by watching movies is not a new method at all, but it should start properly with simple films so that it won`t be difficult so you can get excited and not stop watching . So I present to you in this paper the strategy of learning English through movies.      ? ?    In my research, I used the questionnaire method to get to know how people think about learning English by watching movies. The first purpose of making the questionnaire questions was to know whether people prefer learning English through movies and gaining basic informations that they have when using movies to learn English. More than 54 individuals have participated in the questionnaire. The questionnaire was introduced to different ages; the majority were students between 20 and 25 years old. A great amount of the participants agree on the effectiveness of learning English through movies.?    Hundreds of free courses in English language education are available on the Web. But even so, many of those who begin to study through these courses do not complete them and become bored because these courses are very academic. But watching movies breaks the boredom barrier in learning the language – that`s what 70% of the participants agreed on in the questionnaire- because of the fun of the film and the excitement of learning the language; so it is a guaranteed way to not get bored. The method of films also develops two basic skills in learning English: hearing by listening to the dialogues the characters of the film practice, and reading by seeing the words displayed in English and spoken by the same characters. 80% of the participants in the questionnaire thought that the movies are effective in developing these skills in the language.?    Advantages of this method.  You will learn the language in a realistic and interactive way – that`s what 47% of the participants in the questionnaire have confirmed- ? learn English in the same way that children learn their mother tongue. When you watch a movie, you combine your mind with the characters you see and the reality you are watching, and this method is the origin of learning any new language. You learn the words in context ,dialogue , discussion, and a representative scene, so you will learn how to use the word before you memorize its meaning. Also, the way of keeping words just cut off from any context leads to storing those words in your mind separately and will remain isolated and you will not be able to use them in a dialogue or a conversation. Words and phrases you hear are linked to your pictures and scenes, so it is very easy to memorize new words that you will learn through foreign films; because every word or phrase will be linked to a scene in your mind according to what 40% of the participants in the questionnaire have agreed on. And that is a fun way; you will not get bored because the story and plot entice you to complete the film, you learn and at the same time you enjoy this artwork, and thus spend more hours learning and watching.?    Usually, when you begin learning a new language, it is difficult to understand the terms because of the difference of cultures between countries. I will tell you the most important reasons why language learning from movies is critical: You will learn the real language and not the language of books . We all know that the language we use in our real life differs from the language we use in our school and university textbooks. Why do we expect to find the language we would like to learn in books? For example, when you learn the language as a beginner, you find the phrase “It’s raining cats and dogs” what do you expect them to understand “The sky is raining cats and dogs” and is it reasonable to find a group of cats falling from the sky? To see the same phrase in a film and the rain is unbelievably abundant and you hear this phrase, you will understand that it shows the abundance of rain and not on dogs and cats falling from outer space. If you learn the language as spoken by the indigenous people and not as the author wants to put it in the paper or course. Learn English vocabulary within the context of speech: Let’s assume you love crime movies and keep track of them. You’ll see 10 or 20 movies and then you’ll learn a lot of vocabulary related to crime. Traditional language learning in schools depends on making lists of new words. This makes you learn the meaning of the word, not the way it is used, and the different places you can use it. You will lose a lot in multiple words. Suppose you learned a new word, “detective”, you will learn that it means the man who investigates the crime, yes, what next? How to use it ? This will make you forget that word easily. On the other hand, if you hear the word while watching a movie, you will learn that the word ‘detective’ has many meanings and uses. You can find a person named Detective Beckett. You will understand the word as a name, and you will find the word also in the context of describing a person’s career. This context is “he’s a detective” and in a third place you will learn how to deal with the word and be impressed by, for example, “you lousy detectives” . In this way you will learn the truth of the word, its meaning and the method of its use, and this is what you will never be able to do when learning using textbooks alone. Learn how to express something: In different languages, words are not fully used to express what is in your head. For example, in English 30% of the process is in words. You will not understand what a person means or can not correctly express by speech only. There are 70% remaining . The remaining 70% is how speech is spoken. Feelings that accompany the pronunciation of words can not be expressed and voice can not be expressed and this is very important in the proper understanding of the meaning of phrases.?    Let’s agree that learning a language requires a lot of commitment and determination, since 60% of the participants in the questionnaire have agreed on that. Watching films for language learning is very different from watching movies for fun and entertainment. Of course you can combine the two, but if your primary goal is to learn the language, there will be a lot of effort. You will do the that to make this process useful in developing your language already, sitting on a comfortable sofa and keeping track of the events will not help in anything if you watched a large number of movies. Watching movies to learn is a process that requires some commitment and a lot of patience and perseverance, beside the tips explained in this report of course. From all the languages you would want to learn from films, we have committed to English, because it is the most learned and famous of all languages ??in the world.?    Select a movie you’ve watched before. As we mentioned earlier, we are not looking for fun and entertainment, but you can combine learning and entertainment at the same time. The goal of this advice is that when you watch a movie you’ve watched before, your focus will be limited to learning the language, or at least your attention to the events and the end of the film will be little compared to your focus on the language. If there is a new film in the cinema for your favorite actor and you are eager to see it, this is not an appropriate choice to learn the language.?    Watch simple and short films. A film that talks about a philosophical issue, and the actors who use a complex academic language, will not be useful especially at the beginning of learning, 58% of the participants in the questionnaire confirmed that. You need to choose short films in terms of duration and simple in terms of the linguistic structure of the dialogue between representatives. The films that also discuss historical issues will not be useful. To understand a lot of historical events so that you could be able to follow the terms and the distinction between people and places, you should pick other genres of films.?    Do not use Arabic in text translation. If you want to learn English, you have to read English. This simple rule is important in learning any language. If you are watching a movie and reading the Arabic translation, you will not learn anything; Arabic will be an easy input to understand the events. The best way is to make the translation in the mother tongue English, in this way you can listen and read at the same time. It is more useful in this way. Also, when you cannot continue to read because of the speed of speaking, reading is an alternative to retrieve what you missed.?    Write the new words. Do not sit down to watch a movie for the purpose of learning the language without having a paper and a pencil to write new words. Make a list of the new words you learned in each film. Stop the movie to write the word, do not look for the meaning of the word but try to understand it from the context of the film. Repeat the movie several times until you understand the meaning of the word.?    Watch the same movie several times. Do not just watch the movie once, four or five times is a good number to know all the new words in the movie. If you do not understand the full meaning of a word do not worry, the next time you will be able to understand the meaning of the word. Try to watch it for the last time without a text translation. By this, you test your ability to hear and understand. Return the sentence several times. If you like a particular sentence or it feels useful, stop the movie and re-pronounce the sentence as many times as you can. The more times you repeat the sentence, the more likely you will be able to pronounce it. One of the useful ways is to pronounce the sentence at the same time with the movie and repeat it several times as close as possible to the correct pronunciation way.?    In this research I chose a selection of appropriate films to start this method with. But in general, try to choose films that feature these qualities as much as possible.  The language in it should be clear, and the best films in the clarity of pronunciation are the films of animation . It should not be full of dialogues, choose movies that have moments of silence as much as possible especially if you are a newbie. It should be as quiet as possible, stay away from action movies, speed and excitement . Use one of the featured video player programs, such as KMPlayer, which allows you to pause and rewind for a few seconds or move forward, because you will use these features in a large format. Get a good headset to hear your voice clearly, because delivering the correct pronunciation of words to your ear is important. Get the movie in high quality and then download the English translation of this movie and put it next to it (and change its name to match the name of the film).?    Start by watching, pausing at each phrase, listening to it and watching its sentences.  If you did not understand a word in these sentences, go to one of the translation applications or sites (such as Google translation) and learn its meaning, and then add it to the program to save words (such as Anki), then open the film again and continue to watch. You’ll see the movie very slowly this way, no problem, because you’re learning new words, these words will be linked to scenes and context, and you’ll save them quickly and use them faster afterwards. Each time you start watching the movie, watch the previous section you have taken the previous time, in order to remember the words and phrases that have been spoken and made an effort to understand their meaning. This will be useful in anchoring these words and conveying them to the unconscious mind. Continue this way, make a fixed schedule, and try to finish the film in a week or two, and I promise you that if you continue with this method several months you will get very satisfactory results.?    Of course, there are hundreds of films that you can learn English from, like most of the animation films for the simplicity of their language. Move from one movie to another and from one series to another and never get tired of cutting and stopping the movie to know the new expression or word. After that, you will reach the stage of watching the movie without any additional translations. Do not just stop at the movies, listen to any item that contains English words, think about them and speak them without shame, without always hesitating, and always remember that the fun of learning a new language is not comparable to the fun of opening your mind on new cultures and prospects in various fields.?    These sites have ideas that are worth experiencing, fun and useful while making it easier for you to learn the language by watching movies. Fleex is one of these sites, you can watch videos from YouTube or TedX clips or even watch a movie from your device. In the beginning your language level will be determined by watching movies in English, then in English and even without language gradually. You will be offered the translation in two languages ??alternately until the level of your viewing in English becomes more than the Arabic language until you completely eliminate the translation. The beauty of this site is its ability to review the meaning of any word by clicking it in the translation and can also be added to your library for review and for testing your knowledge of it later in the exercise icon. Speechyard is another site with the same idea as watching a video, translating words and building a vocabulary library that you can with it later test your knowledge by doing a variety of exercises. The site also allows you to build friendships to share your results and develop conversation skills with your friends. The site is characterized by the renewed content of the series famous and modern, and also provides some services for a range of books. The third site is Learn English Through Movies. The site shows the latest movie trailers from YouTube and then offers 3 short tests on the content, thus developing listening skills, increasing your vocabulary, and knowing about interesting films to watch later.?    Finally if you are a fan of watching foreign films, invest in this hobby and use these films to develop your skills in addition to enjoying them and their content. Try after reaching the advanced level in the English language to use English translation files instead of Arabic in most of your observations. So that you can hear and watch in English and you will understand the content and the general content even without the translation of the new words. Then, when your level improves, try to watch the movies and understand the content without even the English translation file, only by listening. Until you reach your goal.