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We are currently in the age of modern science and technology. In a world surrounded by modern technology, computing has a big impact on society. Computing revolution and many other scientific inventions have been drastically changed our way living and potentially redefined what it means to be human. Among many of the inventions, one of the most significant one is the Smartphones which now-a-days stays in everyone’s pocket. The innovation of mobile phones has revolutionized the society and its impact in our daily life is immense. At present period, smartphones are much more affordable yet more powerful than we used to have super computers back in the days. Today a person with a smartphone has a better communication technology than a government have twenty years ago. This has facilitated trade, strengthened relationships and brought connectivity in the society. Today Virtual Reality (VR) is a term that applies to computer-simulated environments that can simulate places in the real world, at the same time in imaginary worlds. I can feel that there are still remarkable developments to come in the field of computer science. Now it is my central goal to continue my education and be part of a team who creates worthwhile, efficient and useful technology and software for the mankind.Ever since I was young, I had enjoyed operating computers and experimenting with different application. The field of computer science has always fascinated me. From my high school days, I had immense interest in programming and different concepts of computer science. Soon after, basic computer programming became my hobby. However, I realized that problem-solving aspect of developing computer programs was what I enjoyed the most. Over the years pursuing my strong interest in Computer Science has enabled me to develop keen analytical and reasoning skills. So, choosing computer science as my undergraduate major was natural to me. In this field innovations that keep evolving not only technically but also hold unlimited opportunity for further research, logic and creativity. And due to scope of research combined with my desire to dig deeper into the working of various technologies, triggers me to apply for a MS in Computer Science.The undergraduate curriculum in American International University-Bangladesh brings me to wide varieties of engineering courses. I acquired a brief perspective of scientific discipline, with a particular interest in object oriented programming, JavaScript, Website Design, Databases and HCI and some of the other areas that drew my attention. My overall grades in my undergraduate studies have been consistently good in all courses. Whilst learning on the computer science and engineering course I have gained a good insight into computing which has improved my confidence in analyzing, designing, programming, and planning related to computing. I have gained great experience and a good exposure about the career options which are available for me in the future. The courses have enabled me to improve my communications skills whilst working in groups discussing the objectives that were given and finishing projects with my team members by using effective communication to decide each role in the project. I also involved myself in numerous projects and developed using C++, Java, .NET, ASP.NET, PHP etc. for related courses.In addition to the courses that I have taken, I have been very active outside of the classroom, participating in extracurricular activities and pursuing new experiences so as to push myself and broaden my horizons.  In 2014 while I was in 4th semester of undergraduate studies at AIUB, I learned a lot about different programing languages such as C++, C#, Java & many programming concepts. Later that year AIUB arranged “CS FEST” which is a programming contest for the Computer Science students. I was extremely excited about the contest and participate in couple of them. It was my first time in the contest and fortunately I got 3rd price in one of the programming contest. Then in the year of 2016 I also participated in National Hackathon organized by ICT Division Bangladesh with two of my friend which was a Mobile apps Development contest. Apart from these, I was an active participant in ACP-ICPC. Me and my team participated in the ACM-ICPC Regional Competition and got a 25th placed by solving 3 programming problems.After completing my four years of Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from American International University- Bangladesh (AIUB), I stepped into my professional career by joining in a reputed company named Bengal Group Ltd as a software engineer.  Here my key responsibilities are to develop web applications and design user experiences. Currently I am holding a full time job as a software engineer there. Working as a professional software engineer for the past few years, I have developed my through experience in project handling, analysis, design, development and testing using different technology. I have good exposure to object-oriented design, software architectures, design patterns, test-driven development and Project Management. From the professional experience and perspective, I have a plan of starting my own startup software company after finishing my Masters. Moreover, I also have some ideas planned to implement artificial intelligence powered automated system to get the beauty of the modern technology for furthest corner people of the world.Having acquired a strong foundation in the field of computer science through a rigorous undergraduate program, and my experience of job in the IT industry, at this point, I feel that it is the right time to take up graduate studies. I wish to raise my understanding of the nuances of the Computer Science field and use this knowledge to further my chances for a bright career in Software industry. I want to acquire the learning that will enable me to contribute to the development of new software, which can improve efficiency and accuracy of work in varied sphere. My ambition is to work at the forefront of the technology with the ability to find innovative solutions to the changing needs.  With a keen interest in working on the latest web technologies, I seek to take advantage of the plethora of opportunities in the field of social media which allows the combination of these technologies with one’s creative instincts.The MS program in Computer Science offered by your University provides me with the right knowledge, skills, and experience to pursue that dream and exploit the opportunities to the fullest extent. The practical adaptation of your in-depth coursework will allow me to not only acquire a clear understanding of the subject but also the skills to execute it. I am confident my exposure to such initiatives would quite augment my knowledge base and add tremendous value in enabling me to realize my professional goals. By studying in your master’s program, I expect to have the expertise, the perspective, and the experience necessary to lead our industry to a new era.