We graduate degree from Canada. I am attracted

We are currently in the midst of a technological and computing revolution that will drastically change our lives and potentially redefine what it means to be human. I am thrilled at the possibility of committing my career to such a dynamic and diverse field. Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed experimenting with electronics and other household gadgets. Because my own life has essentially coincided with the rise of the modern computing industry, I can sense that there are still tremendous developments to come in this field. Therefore, Computer Science was an obvious choice as my university major, and now, it is my aim to continue my education in a more competitive, elite, and international environment.Studying overseas in Canada will not only give me a great range of professional skills but also a much broader, more international perspective and also broaden my horizon for technical skills. Moreover, being multicultural Canada would feel like home. Due to these reasons, I am deeply interested in pursuing my graduate degree from Canada. I am attracted to the prestigious education system of Canada which has produced global and skilled leaders who are prepared for future. I have explored various possible options to choose an apt area of study and after proper and thorough research I have decided to study the program Professional Master of Science in Big Data offered by Simon Fraser University. I understand that Big Data is the future, and there is are huge job opportunities for Analytics Professionals. The program will provide me a very deep and clear understanding of each and every emerging aspect of Big Data.My academic experience thus far has provided me with a wide range of practical knowledge and skills that will be immensely useful when studying overseas at the graduate level. I believe that keeping an explorative attitude and inquisitive mind is very important for a constant learning process. Computer programming was introduced early on in my school curriculum, and I quickly developed a liking for it because of a very logical approach when tackling a problem. In Grade 10, I excelled in courses like Computer Applications, English and Science which encouraged me to opt for three major subjects – Computer Science, English, and Science for my Grade 12. After completing my Grade 12, I cleared All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE), the entrance examination for Engineering, and got admitted to Bachelor of Technology Computer Science Engineering at Shaheed Bhagat Singh State Technical Campus which is one of the finest institutes in India.I completed my bachelor degree in First Division. During the undergraduate study, I studied courses like Theory of Computer Science, Data Structure, Microprocessor based Design and Computer Organization, Systems Programming, Software Engineering, Database Management System, Operating Systems and Computer Networks along with computer languages like C, C++, Core and Advanced Java. These courses laid a solid foundation of knowledge of Computer Science. These were aptly complemented by the laboratory courses. The four-year curriculum exposed me to the entire gamut of computer courses thus laying a strong foundation for both my Hardware and Software Fundamentals. The challenging assignments that were part of the laboratory courses helped me to develop the required technical and programming skills. I have developed many Software programs in C, C++, and Java. My final year project was EVLG which was implemented using Core Java, Servlets, JSP, Enterprise Java Beans, and SQL. Election Voter List Generator (EVLG) is basically designed and developed for the Election Department to generate a list of eligible voters for the upcoming elections. It also included management of Voter IDs (adding, removing and editing Voters).During the final year of my bachelor degree, I got placed in Infosys Limited, Bangalore. To gain a better understanding and hands-on experience, I joined Infosys Limited as a System Engineer. The company also provided me the last semester Industrial Training where I was trained in Python, Java, and SQL. I am working for Infosys since July 2016, and I currently work in the networking domain. During this work experience, I have learned to have a good hold on development of end to end Perl based and front-end applications. In this practical learning phase, I worked on three projects which include- Business Initiative (BI) where I helped develop Migration Tool for service migration from legacy Cisco routers to newer ASR1K/ASR9K devices, Production Support and Management (PSNM) where I work on IT Asset Management (ITAM) tool for inventory functions to support lifecycle management and Bridger Tool to verify identity of the customers of Amazon US. I have chosen Simon Fraser University for many reasons. The university has outstanding learning, teaching and research skills for the development of the world. It is one of the most reputed universities in Canada. The engineering expertise and facilities available at the university are truly appreciable. And for progress, knowledge and proper guidance are essential. I am sure, the quality knowledge and impeccable guidance will mold me to be in the learning mode all my life to open the way for constant growth as a person and a professional. I have concluded that with all excellent facilities and highly knowledgeable and experienced faculty, Simon Fraser University will provide a perfect environment for quality education. The education at Simon Fraser University will give me the training and the caliber to meet the global clients. I look forward to being an active contributing member of the student community at your University.