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We will agree that every business needs to have a web page.

But, have you already thought about how customers are going to get to it? Do you think that having it online will appear in the search engine rankings?There are billions of pages competing for it, so for yours to be shown by search engines and highlight competition, you need to carry out an online marketing strategy. We will start by working on organic positioning or SEO positioning, to place your website in the top positions of the search engines in a natural way, that is, without paying Google.What is SEO positioning?•    The goal is that when the user enters a query in the search engine, your page is returned on the first page, increasing the chances that you click on it.•    For this, it is necessary that your website stand out among the most relevant of the search engine’s database when the algorithm processes the query.•    These databases are generated by tracking robots, which travel the Internet jumping from one link to another, looking for new content to offer to users.

•    For a search engine to save your web page in its databases, you must help it understand what is in it.•    This work is called Search Engine Optimization, in Spanish, Optimization for Search Engines.•    Some of the tasks will be: to offer information architecture adequate with structured hierarchy contents , header tags , internal links to URLs friendly , alternative text for IMAGINE s, transcripts for videos , reduced load times , Meta tags that explain the content that will be displayed, and documents of value for the user without spelling mistakes.•    Resolved the previous issues, you can start promoting your website to get links from other pages of the sector.•    If these links are achieved according to the quality guidelines, they will serve as affirmative votes towards your website, improving the position of your site in the rankings and helping Google to locate and index your content.

Our 360 ° web service will help your page, and your business grows in visits, contacts, sales, and profits.Concentra Multimedia is the Digital Marketing company that offers practical and demonstrable solutions for the generation of qualified sales prospects for our clients.•    We carry qualified candidates at the doors of your business.•    We place you at the beginning of the search engines.•    We put you ahead of your competition•    We give you high-value analysis of the behavior of users, the market and your competitionConcentra Multimedia offers a package of digital marketing solutions to the size of your company, to obtain fast results in a growth of prospects and sales. Our team of consultants achieves extraordinary results with the clients that implement our SEO services, through a strict procedure that includes the six essential areas of the Positioning:1.    Keyword Strategy: How do you want your clients to find you?2.    Architecture Optimization: Make the page easily navigable and free of code errors3.

    Popularity: Make other pages, and social networks know about you4.    Content Communication Plan: Talk with your audience about those topics in which you are an expert5.    Broadcast: Integrate your digital marketing efforts with your conventional advertisingAbout Us:Multimedia is the Digital Marketing company that offers efficient and demonstrable solutions for the generation of qualified sales prospects for our clients.