We To build communities of trust we

We must do what is right and not yield to coercion or
enticement. Say no to appeasement and nepotism. When you live with integrity, youdon’t
have to fear anyone, feel embarrassed orguilty and remember what you said to
some people or live in shame. Your head will be held high always. This is what
I consider as Pride.

In today’s world though the free market capitalist
system is driving prosperity, it has disadvantages. Due to performance and
profitability pressures there is temptation to fudge accounts, bribe or even
worse. Regularly we hear fines and settlements of millions of dollars being
imposed. Companies and careers have crashed. In the lines of Warren Buffet “In
looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity,
intelligence, and energy. If they don’t have the first, the other two will kill
you.” These facts underline the importance of integrity in our professional

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APJ Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India displayed high
integrity. He inspired me to lead a life with vision not compromising on integrity.
He grew up in a modest family and by sheer hard work, desire to learn and
unrelenting energy became a career scientist, head of civilian space program &
India’s military missile development efforts and later a statesman. His life
teaches us a valuable lesson that an individual upholding high personal
integrity elevates his reputation and brings immense pride to his family, alma
mater and his country.

“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge
without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.”— Samuel Johnson.Academic integrity is an
invaluable and non-negotiable quality that every student must cultivate to
succeed. To build communities of
trust we need scrupulous integrity which generates trustworthiness. Integrity has
to be supplemented by competence and ethics to create a high-performing
institution or nation, and this will alleviate fear of threat and uncertainty. Therefore,
adherence to integrity will bestow success on a person in personal,
professional and academic life.

Purdue should expect their
students to strictly uphold the preamble of statement of integrity and code of conduct.
I concur with Purdue that integrity is indispensable to mission. I endorse that
truth and accuracy should be assigned for all academic works. An ethical atmosphere
will propagate respect and credit for all academic works discouraging
plagiarism. It is every student’s obligation to report dishonest academic
conduct to make Purdue a discerning institution. An erring student should be
asked to present a case study on a personality who has displayed immense
integrity. I believe this will inspire the student to follow the path of
righteousness. But for repeated offenders the consequence should be serious.


In summary, according to me the only one way to address
the ethical lapses in the professional and academic environment is to create a
culture of integrity. This can be achieved through leadership, transparency,
internal controls and visual displays across campus & work place to reinforce
integrity in the minds of students and employees and not through rules,
punishment and penalties.