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We might all wonder, how small pieces carved out of gold, silver, diamond, platinum, etc., bound together has so much of attention getting carried to itself? A question which is unanswerable by itself. Dating back to the advent of Jewelry, it is said to be found about many thousand years ago. Back then, it was just metals amalgamated with gemstones. Jewelry has undergone a great diversification amongst people from different places, where some wear it as a part of their culture, some wear it for emphasizing their status symbol and also to differentiate genders. People also wear them for self-protection, and consider them as a belief. Before currencies were followed, jewels were used as a form of currency for any product or service (Barter System) in exchange.The feminine gender always tends to have a greater inclination towards Jewels. Though the elite tend to possess these for emphasizing their status, it is the middle and upper middle classes that tend to get allured for the design of the jewel, be it platinum or copper-plated. Women jewelry include earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants and more. In India, gold is adored so much, the bond dating back to time immemorial. Hindus consider gold as a commodity of immense value, which goes by their religion. It is associated with wealth, prosperity and offerings to deities.Owing to the trends, women prefer fashion jewelry with western outfits. In the recent years, they prefer wearing less since they feel it might outshine them. They also check if those match with their dress color, and also if it symbolizes their nature and character. Jewels are also considered as a symbol of luck and women prefer their sentiments in the form of a tangible thing that is around them. Jewels can also be used as an emergency stash, wherein any case of financial crisis, can easily be exchanged for money.Jewelry, is hence, one great artefact which cannot be detached from Indian women compared to women worldwide, as far as it exists for many eons to come.