Weather and Beach Essay

Rhetoric and Composition Compare/Contrast Beach vs. Mountains Everyone always looks forward to their vacation periods, no matter what age they are. There are many locations from which to choose, but the most common tends to be the beach or the mountains. The beach offers activities and climate that the mountains cannot and vice versa. The beach and mountains are polar opposites. Although they are different, people can enjoy what both have to offer. In the mountains, the climate most often is quite cool, which attracts many people, though it can be repel those who do not enjoy cold weather.

The cold weather can affect what type of activities that the area has to offer. Activities like camping, hiking, fishing, and horseback riding are common in the mountains due to the beautiful scenery, famous hiking trails, and exquisite camping grounds. Other activities can include snowboarding, mountain climbing, and skiing, which can be the reason that most tourists vacation to the mountains. Another thing that attracts people to the mountainous region is the smoked meat most restaurant in the area offer.

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The area produces some of the best smoked meat because it is the most common food for the area, although it is across America. Opposite of the mountains, the beach weather is very hot, almost completely year round. Many people use the beach as a getaway from the cold weather of their home town during the winter or go at the beginning of summer to get a good tan. Just like the cold weather affecting what activities are available, the hot weather does the same. The beach offers activities like sun tanning, swimming in the ocean, rent canoes and boats, go dolphin watching, and shopping.

People are attracted to the beach because of its gorgeous white sand and warm weather. Another thing that attracts people to the beach area is its delicious seafood. Seafood can be found all over the United States, but coastal cities often times have the best quality seafood. No matter which location one chooses, the fun is never-ending and can be an excellent way to bond with other people. The location one picks is based on what he or she likes more. Both the beach and mountains offer great activities for anyone of all ages to enjoy, even in the type of climate one prefers.