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Web Design


What Is Website Design?

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Web design
is the method of crafting a web site appearance with theselection of a page
layout,right color scheme, fonts and more. It
covers information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics,
website layout, colors, contrasts, fonts and imagery along with icons design.
In short, website design is all about planning, creation and modernizing


HTML knowledge is very important in website
design. Novice designer should know how to code with aid of HTML.  This coding will helps in gaining early
information which can be utilized in the future to design better. Another most
important term is CSS, which is used to make visual effects on the basis of
backgrounds, colors, typography or layout.

Some of the basic technical terms are discussed as


In Visual Design, design codes are what set
the look and finish of a site. It is a collection of site proportions, site
typography, grid systems etc. It helps in creating and experimenting with the
color palettes and makes it more vibrant.


UX means user experience. It makes the
website more appealing and is responsible for making an overall site easy to
use. It includes surveying about the targeted users and creates their
imaginaries profiles which helps in exploring the pathways the user flows on
your site.

Website Design Software

Like in any other field, this website
design also includes right set of tools to make the design look good. Designing
software like Photoshop, Illustrator, sketch, Dreamweaver, Axure, Balsamiq,
OmniGraffle, Atom is widely used by the professional website designers.
However, Photoshop is the best extensively used tool used for constructing
wireframes and designing websites.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It
is a method to alter a web page into a Dynamic webpage. It is used for labeling
the appearance of Web pages, including colors, layout, and fonts. It is just a
piece of code used to modify the webpage made in HTML.


It is used to make website responsive and
interactive. It helps in operating website by enabling to respond as different
functions are performed on a website.

Is The Key

Website designing covers two primarily
section- design and unity. Design section includes balance, contrast, emphasis,
rhythm whileunity section includes lines, shapes, texture, color, and
direction. By using both the element, one can become a professional designer.
However, one should also know its restriction by comparing to other kinds of
type design.


With the advent of digital marketing, it is
important to know about search engine oriented designing. It doesn’t matter how
well the site has been designed, it won’t display on a search engine if it is
not coded correctly as per the search engine guidelines.


Website design is extremely important as it
provides eye-candy to the user visiting the website. Elements such as design,
color, pattern, and user-friendly immensely impacts site visitors. So make it
more beautiful, responsive and easy to use.