Website Evaluation Essay

Name: Mohamed Khizer Kasmani Site Name: Curtin University (Sarawak Malaysia) Site URL/Address: http://www. curtin. edu. my/ Brief Description of Site: Curtin University Sarawak is an off-shore campus of Curtin University, a university based in Perth, Western Australia. It provides local and international students with higher education in Sarawak, Malaysia. Brand Image of Site: The brand is far more than just its logo. The brand articulates the desired position in the market place. It is known as an innovative university and aims to be among the top twenty universities in Asia by 2020.

The university supports and reinforces the strategy and vision to be forward thinking in what and how they teach and research; the graduates they produce; and how they innovate. Site Overview: Evaluation Criteria (7C’s of Framework): NOTE: The ratings in the above questionnaire is a range of (0-5) where 0 being No and 5 being Maximum or Yes. A. ORIGIN -What is the website’s origin? | Rating| The organisation providing the site is clearly indicated. | 5| There is information about the site’s authors (About Us, Our Objectives, Mission Statement, etc. )| 4| The site’s creators have provided their credentials (if need be). 5| The site’s creators have indicated the source of their materials where it is necessary to do so. | 5| There is an address made available for further information and questions concerning the site’s information and content. | 5| B. CONTEXT and DESIGN -Is the website well designed? | Rating| Structural layout of the site| 4| Performance of the site(speed, reliability,platform independence, media accessibility Usability) | 3| Aesthetics( colour scheme ;amp; visual themes ‘look and feel’)| 3| The site’s general appearance is appealing to its intended audience (colours, graphics, and layout). 3| It is easy to navigate through the site -links are clearly marked and self-explanatory making navigation intuitive. | 5| Is it ADA friendly (Easy for users with disabilities). | 4| The links appearing on the site work (take the user to a new page). | 4| Supporting pages have a link back to the site’s main page. | 4| The text on the site is easily readable (font, size, colour scheme). | 5| The graphics on the site serve a purpose and are not too big. The site is not cluttered with advertising -overshadowing its content. | 4| Look great on any device. 3| The site provides a “help feature” or instructions on its use. | 3| The site does not require special “plug-ins” or other types of special viewing helpers. If it does, this is clearly indicated. | 4|

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C. CONTENT -Is the website’s content meaningful in terms of its educational value? | Rating| The title of the site is indicative of its content. | 5| The language is developmentally appropriate for its targeted audience. | 5| The website environment-dominant (Higher education). | 5| The information accurate and factual. | 4| There is a statement pledging to current updates. 4| The use of text and graphics as links is appropriate to level of understanding of targeted audience. | 4| The targeted audience has required basic of surfing skills to comprehend the content. | 4| The targeted audience has required basic skills to navigate with ease through the e site. | 5| The site is free of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, syntax errors, or typos. | 4| The site promotes equal and just representations of racial, gender and religious issues. | 4| The content is informative. | 5| The site contains a wealth of information and deserves more han one visit. | 5| The site has links to other websites relevant to the same. | 5| Mixed of product / services offering. | 5| D. Community| Rating| Size and growth of the membership. | 5| Availability of current member participation and feedback (Passives, actives and motivators). | 4| Availability of services and utilities around the university location (transport services, accommodation services, treatment services, entertainment). | 5| Availability of services and facilities provided for oversees students. | 5| E. Customisation| Rating| Ability to change website font size. 0| Ability to change website colour (To support users who has colour blind). | 0| Channel customisation: via web, email, text, call centre. | 4| Availability of services and facilities provided for oversees students. | 4| F. Communication| Rating| Two way communications (feedback, dialogue, improvement). | 2| Multi-way communications (Facebook walls, groups, forums). | 4| G. Commerce (functionality )| Rating| The site requires a registration or password to access and use the product and services. | 0| Quality indicators (services / product rating). 0| Services / product catalogue pricing. | 0| Application / order tracking. | 3| Services / product configuration. | 4| Credit card and personal details registration. | 2| Weakness – The site takes time to load and does not have the best design practice. The structure in which the information is provided confuses the audience; seem like too much content on the same page. Strength – Has all the information under one roof. Overall – It is good structured site with appropriate content supporting it. Although the site is not that attractive but well suits the requirements.