Week 6 Assignment It/286 Essay

Associate Program Material Appendix D Troubleshooting Computer Hardware In this worksheet, you must identify solutions to four separate computer printer problems. For each solution, you must prepare an answer of at least 150 words in each Answer box. Part One: Wireless Printing |Problem | |The computer will not connect to the printer wirelessly.

| |Details | |Julie has just purchased a Canon® Pixma™ iP6220D inkjet printer for her house.She connected it to her laptop computer using her | |USB cable and it works fine; however, Julie regularly uses her laptop in different locations throughout the house, so using a USB | |cable for printing is not an option. She tried sending a document to the printer wirelessly, but it did not work. | |Questions | |1) What type of wireless technology does the printer use? What optional parts do you need for the printer to make it work | |wirelessly? | |2) Julie’s notebook does not support Bluetooth®.Suggest a device she can purchase that will use a USB port and allow her to | |connect to her printer wirelessly.

| | | |Hint: Use the web to find answers and solutions to these questions. | |Answer | |The Canon Pixma ip6220D printer which Julie purchased is unfortunately not a wireless printer; So in order for Julie to connect to | |the printer wirelessly, she ust either use a router with a USB port and has print server capabilities or, she could insert a USB | |wireless Bluetooth adapter directly to her printer and then connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. In order for the Bluetooth adapter | |to work, your printer must have an available USB port and your computer must be Bluetooth compatible. Unfortunately Julie’s laptop | |is not Bluetooth compatible, so that rules that out. Chances are Julie all ready has a router for her internet.

Julie should turn | |off her modem and her router, then plug her printer into the USB, power back up, then install the router software; Depending on her| |OS, the wizard will then prompt her to click the start button and then go into the printer/device settings and switch the printer | |to share. | Part Two: Cleaning an HP® LaserJet Printer |Problem | |Printouts from a Hewlett-Packard® (HP®) LaserJet® printer are faded and show smeared toner. |Details | |Users are complaining that the office HP® LaserJet® printer is showing signs of wear. Printouts are faded and sometimes show | |specks, lines, and smeared toner.

You replace the toner cartridge, but the problem still persists. | |Question | |What do you think is causing the toner to appear smeared and faded on the printouts? How would you solve this problem? |Answer | |If a laser jet printer is showing signs of smearing and partial fading, the problem could be a couple of different things. The | |obvious first step is to change the toner cartridge it may have a leak. If that is not the problem then I would ask what type of | |paper they are using, sometimes the paper is to smooth and the ink does not get fully absorbed into the paper. Next I would ask if | |they have been running any double sided print jobs through, sometimes the front side of the paper is still to wet and when the | |paper is run back through it makes the rollers dirty.Next I would clean the rollers with isopropyl alcohol and see if the problem| |returns. If the problem did not return I would suspect a leaky cartridge, if it does return I would then suspect that the fuser is | |not heating the ink to the proper temperature. You can feel the fuser after you print if it does not feel hot replace it.

| Part Three: Printer Maintenance Kit |Problem | |LaserJet® printouts are faded and show smeared toner. |Symptom | |You finished cleaning your HP® LaserJet® V printer, but the toner appears smudged and faded on your printouts. You decide to address | |the problem by using a LaserJet® Maintenance Kit. | |Questions | |1) At what page count does HP® suggest you install a maintenance kit? | |2) What is the part number of the maintenance kit you would need? How much does it cost? |3) List the parts of the maintenance kit and the steps required to install them. | |Answer | |After cleaning the HP LaserJet 9050 the smudges and faded areas have returned. The printer is nearing the 200,000 page recommended | |maintenance procedure, so we decided to go ahead and see if the maintenance pack will rectify the problem. Fortunately our IT team | |had ordered the HP C9152A 110-volt user maintenance kit through New Egg while it was on sale for 583.

0 plus shipping and handling. | |In order to install the maintenance pack we first turn the unit off for a minimal of 30 minutes because the fuser will remain hot. | |Start the process by flipping the two blue fasteners down to unlock the fuser cartridge. Lift the fuser out by lifting up on the | |center blue handle. Unwrap the new fuser and place back in slot and re clamp. Next remove power cord slide top tray outward lift and | |pull out tray from the printer and place on paper off to the side.

Next you must locate the pickup rollers by reaching inside the | printer. Slide old rollers off the bars and refit with the new ones. Repeat with remaining trays. Reset maintenance counter.

| Part Four: Clearing Paper Jams |Problem | |The printer stops printing, and paper fails to leave the printer. | |Details | |You hear a crumpling noise coming from inside your HP® LaserJet® V printer. On the LaserJet® message panel, an error message reads | |“Paper Jam. | |Question | |Search the HP® website for instructions on clearing a paper jam.

List the necessary steps in the Answer box. Include a brief | |description of all the components with which you must interact during the clearing process. | |Answer | |You are experiencing a paper jam on a V40 HP office jet printer.The very first step is to remove any loose paper from the unit. The | |next step is to Press the Power button and turn off the printer. Disconnect the USB cable from the back of the product. Disconnect | |the power cord from the back of the product.

Remove the rear access door. Remove the rear door, gently pull the paper out of the | |rollers. If the paper tears when removing it from the rollers, check for torn pieces of paper that might remain inside the product. | |If any torn pieces of paper remain inside the device, more paper jams are probable. Reattach the rear access door.If you cannot | |remove the paper jam from the back of the product, follow these steps to remove the paper jam from the front.

Look inside the product| |through the paper output tray to check if any loose or torn paper is stuck in the rollers. Gently pull the paper out of the rollers. | |Again if there is any small pieces remaining in the rollers this will likely lead to another jam. Plug the unit back in and print | |self test report. If all is good reconnect USB if not then leave power on and open cartridge door then unplug the unit.

Check for | |debris and remove any loose paper.Reach inside the unit through the output tray and slide the carriage to se if it moves freely. | |Plug unit back in and close the door and print self test report. If problem persists remove the cartridges and put them back in some | |cases this will free up the carriage.

Run self test if is still faulty then un plug from power strip then re plug into the wall | |itself. Run self test if still an issue unplug for 15 minutes and turn back on run self test if the unit is still faulty take the | |unit to the roof of the building and kindly throw it off, or you can send it in to the dealer. |