Week Discussion Essay

Reliable and accessibility is the largest challenge to managing data, text, and documents. If permissions are not set up properly then anyone ca n make changes to a document which can cause a problem for whom ever wishes to use the data. If there are several copies of the same file it to can cause problems. The higher the volume of data the longer it could take to access it if the system is not set up to handle such a load or high performance analyses of the data. Employees are bringing smartness to the workplace. Some employees are using the company networks to access the Internet.

Some expect the company to provide this type of access. This presents a number of challenges to company neuron management. Identify three challenges and suggest strategies for a company to address these challenges. Security- Network management does not have control over the content on employee’s phones. If there is malicious mallard or other things on their phone it can spread to the company’s network and cause problems. Not to mention that there are sites that are probably blocked by your company that can be circumvented by using APS on the phone to get to.

Productivity- Employee will more than likely use access to the network for personal reasons to access social media, play games or text or email. This can keep them from the work and cause delays in work being done or turned in. Network slowdowns- With the increased devices connected to the network slower operations will be on it. Week 3 Discussion 2 “Network Management and Mobility” Please respond to the following: Modern networks have to support a number of digital data protocols as well as digital audio protocols. The ability to stream both data and audio has led to he design and deployment of advanced applications.

Analyze how advancements in Web,wireless, and mobility technologies are impacting organizations. Choose one specific advancement and describe why it is having the biggest impact. Support your answer. Mobility technologies advancements are have a huge impact on organizations. Take retail for instance instead Of going by hand to place an order for your store you can take a scanner to scan everything that you would like to order for your store. On the flip side it makes things much easier for vendors that deliver or place orders for stores.

Then can easily pull up past orders and compare to see what sales are like and see what product they may want to bring more of or less off. It has also allowed for more work to be done on the go and allow for information about companies to be readily available to customers. More and more companies are placing CAR codes on their products and displays in stores which allows for another chance for them to gain more customers. From the e-Activity, AT&T and Verizon both provide very similar if not the same services, especially in the mobile space.

Consumers are left with halogens when making decisions on which vendor to choose. Compare both providers in regard to their wireless broadband networks. Indicate which vendor provides the best offering in your opinion and why. Based on the maps Verizon has better G coverage then AT&T, Sprint, and Mobile combined. This is probably due to them buying out ALTER a few years back as well as a few smaller companies. A friend of mine use to work for them told me they have some kind of contract to use other providers towers or something and told me that is how they can provide better coverage. Bottom of Form