Week Term Paper Essay

There have been many incidents from the past and currently of parts coming up missing or parts not making it to where they need to be and this has caused us to lose countless man hours and money. The hours that could be used to fix jets and keep pushing out missions are used to find parts and fix problems that could have been avoided. Hopefully with this new system in place tracking the movement of the parts for each jet will be made easier for each of the FL As. The users for the parts would be anybody that has anything to do with the whole process with the parts as well as the maintainers.

We eve many maintainers that call us on the radio and demand to know where their parts are located. We also have higher ups who want to know if all the necessary parts have been ordered and what the current status is on the said parts. By giving all of the people who would either have questions about or need the parts would be beneficial to the whole unit. Each jet has its own assigned FL S, so being that each Jets tail number would be a table each FLU should be each table’s administrator. This make sense because the FL S is the one who orders parts for their own jet.

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By being the only one to order parts against their jet they should be the only one capable of making updates. I also plan on having the head of all the FL G’s have access to all of the databases for checks and balances purposes. Since he is going over all of our work anyway this would give him the opportunity to make changes to things if he happens to see a mistake. I believe everybody in their position is more than capable, but an extra set of eyes never hurt and it would only make the process work smoother.

As of right now, the work is being done in a way that garners almost no continuity. When the part gets to the IF_S he/she signs for the parts o the Only accountable signature is the FL G’s. This is a problem, because although the FL S is the one who ordered the part the maintainer (the one working on the plane) is the actual customer. So the part gets signed for by the FL S, then the FL S has to radio a P (pick-up & delivery) driver to take the part to the customer. At that point the customer either stores the part or puts the part on the plane.

We as the FLU are not sure what the maintainers do with the parts until they can’t find it and research has to be done to locate that part, even then there is no telling if the part has been lost or not. This has en a problem for us and the reason such a database is needed. We all work in the building that our jets our housed in so we can ensure that our own database is up to date and that things are being updated as they are happening. It would be a system that would get easier with time, but the current system is not working.

The Table for the database would be the Jet’s tail by having a table for each tail number believe it would make it easier to distinguished who orders what parts for what jet and it would be easier to assign an administrator; due to the fact that each jet has its own FLU. The Primary Key will be the Document Number and the other fields would be: Part#, Part name, Quantity ordered, Date Ordered, Date received, and Current location of the part. Used document number as the primary key, because it is the universal way that parts are identified by everyone in the hangar.

Once the part is ordered and the document number kicks out that is how the part is identified universally by all those involved in the process. We as FL G’s are not as familiar with the part names as the maintainers, so having us track parts by names would serve no purpose and just turn into us adding to a problem that is already out there. The other fields that will be used are fields that are always questioned so including them in the database would satisfy the masses, and answer any question that should come up before it is asked.