Week4 Ass1 Essay

Explain at least two ways in which systems theory may be used in the Social Security Administration.

You may want to refer back to Week 1 e-Activity of Franklin Roosevelt’s speech on Social Security as a historical reference. One way system theory maybe used by the Social Security Administration would be organizational development. The Social Security Administration can be bias depending on the situation. They don’t take making policy changes into consideration.

They follow their policy before that will ever be concerned about the citizens. Another way system theory maybe used by the Social Security Administration is “A willingness to experiment with new behaviors and to choose those that seem more effective. The SSA has no lenience. The focus more on policy than the citizens’ concerns. •Based on the Stillman reading, analyze how the authors demonstrate a deeper application of systems theory than what is presented in Denhardt, Chapter 5.In Denhardt Chapter 5, the author explains how the systems theory utilized.

His point was clear and informative. In Stillman on the other hand, the author goes further in details. According to the author in Denhardt, “The system model suggests that the organization receives from its environment the human and material resources it requires to function, as well as requests and directives about how it should operate. As oppose to stillman,, the author believes that “the lifeblood of administration is power” Furthermore, he explains that the loss of realism and failure are almost certain consequences however it is not to deny that important parts of public administration are so deeply entrenched in the habits of the community. ” Stillman’s reading offer a more detailed explanation how system theory should be utilized while in Denhardt’s reading it only mention the basic structure. “Public Administration Concepts and Cases” by, Stillman, Chapter 4, p. 99-104 (2010) “Public Administration an Action Orientation” by, Denhardt Chapter 5, p.

173-180 (2010)