Weekly Journal Essay

Airport is one of an interest place for me. There, we can see airplanes, pilots, peoples, and I love this activity. Sometimes, I go there and bring my camera. I can increase my ability in photography, I can also meet new peoples, sometimes I also make some conversation with the foreigners. Airport being my favourite place. I also love beach. I love the romantic parts of this place, I can see sunset, sunrise, the wave, the clouds, the sky, oh really both of those place can makes me stay on there. Those place can makes me more relax.

Most people work in order to earn their living. They produce goods and services. Goods are either produced on fauns like maize and milk, or in factories, like cars and paper. Services are provided by such things as schools, hospitals, and shops. Some people provide goods and services, other people provide both of them. For example in the same garage, a man may buy a car or some service which helps him to maintain his car. The work which people do is called economic activity. All economic activities together make up the economic system of a town, city, a country or the world.

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The work people undertake either provides what they need or provides the money with which they can buy essential commodities. Of course, most people hope to earn enough money to buy commodities and services which are non-essential but which provide some particular personal satisfaction like toys for children, visits to the cinema and books. Economics is a science. This science is based upon the facts of our everyday lives. They study about the system which affects our lives. The economist tries to describe the facts of the economy in which we live.

He tries to explain how the system works. His methods should be objective and scientific. We need food, clothes and shelter. If we could get food, clothes and shelter without working, we probably would not work. But even when these essential things, we want many other things. If we had them, these other things (radios, toys, books) might make life more enjoyable. The science of economics is concerned with all our material needs and wants. It is not just concerned with basic needs like foods, clothes and shelter.

Most people have ideas for their future. There are many hopes in their hearts to face the future. Some people have much hope but some have a little. Actually to live is difficult because the basic needs are very expensive. Life is so expensive that people get some difficulties. But there will be a hope to live by having some skills such as mastering English, Mathematics, cooking, sewing, and soon. The important thing about the communist system is central planning. The state organizes the whole economic effort of the nation.

A central authority with complete power decides what goods and service will be produced. The authority decides what quantities of good will be produced and also controls their quality, and decides where they go and what prices will be charged for them. Additionally, the State provides all (or most of) the services which the citizens require. It is responsible for the economy and is therefore concerned with methods of production as well as quality and quantity. The national economy must be planned a head over a number of years.