Well cosmetology you can take extra courses

Well before digging deep into all the information to know with cosmetology school , the courses, and careers ; we must start with the first step before all of those. That would be the requirements to get into cosmetology school that people believe is right for them.  In order to start cosmetology training and get your license you must be at least 16 or 17 years of age with a GED, depending on state laws, or have a High School Diploma explained in “Cosmetologist Job Description – How to Become a Cosmetologist”.  Once a person has met the requirements needed,  they can look into what schools are the right fit for them. First they might want to ask themselves what field of cosmetology they want to pursue in there later career.  These fields include: hair stylist, nail technician, esthetician, and makeup artists. These things are good to know because after completing cosmetology you can take extra courses to achieve a high level of  profession in a particular field. Cosmetology last nine months on average unless is taken part time for work or any other purpose. In order to earn a cosmetology license a person must “complete 1,500 hours of instruction”and “pass an examination and written test”(Regulation of Cosmetology Occupations,pg7).  Then if extra courses are wanted, it would be about an additional 3 months or so depending on the course and college providing this course. No one however could ever receive enough education on any field of Cosmetology because this Beautician world never stops and will always be new techniques to learn.Before getting into all the different jobs you can make a career as a Beautician;  cosmetologist must understand and follow all the safety and sanitation protocols to follow out in their careers. This is very important because if tools are not properly sanitized it can pass on germs from previous clients to the next ones, and this can lead to serious infections and make one very ill. After done with a client,  one must  properly clean, sterilize, and disinfect all tools used on a client. This goes from hair clippers, makeup brushes, hair brushes, etc. Even some products must be sterilized before using on clients. For example makeup artist must sanitize the top each product before and after they use them on a client.This also counts for one’s work area. It must be clean and of course organized. Taking the information about sanitation and safety is very important in cosmetology college. It is also essential to take the information with you in your career for the safety of yourself, fellow employees, and of course the client. Hair stylist have the ability to treat and change one’s hair. Hairstylist in 2016 had a median salary of $24,260 and median wages of $11.66 (Mckay). This job is to provide their clients with: hair styling, hair cutting, coloring, hair relaxing, perming ,and washing. It is very important that the stylist is creative with their work when coming to help with customers because he or she might want the stylist personal opinion on what would look good on them or is better for their certain hair type. This is when the stylist can suggest different options to their client and explain how certain haircuts shapes ones face or how a color compliments a certain skin tone.Nail technicians or “manicurist/ Pedicurist” are licensed to groom peoples finger and toe nails. “Manicurist and Pedicurist earn median wages of $22,150 annually and $10.65 hourly in 2016″(Mckay). This involves cleaning, trimming, adding acrylics if desired , and polishing. In this job you have to be very precise with a steady hand, especially dealing with acrylics. This is because acrylic nails are meant to have a smooth surface so that the nail polish glides on with no trouble. Nail technicians also need a precise hand when it comes to all the small details when polishing. Not only that but if you have good social skills along with doing a clean nail job you can probably get a good tip depending on the person. Estheticians is the health and beauty of one’s skin. Estheticians earn median wages of $30,270 annually and $14.55 hourly in 2016.This career involves but certainly not limited to: steaming, waxing, extraction, chemical peels, pore cleansing, salt/sugar scrubs, and body wraps. Although in a spa setting relaxation therapies for the spirit and mind could include: hot stone massage, mud baths, and aromatherapy.(McKay) Estheticians treat and provide all types of skin care services on different types of skin types to help the skin become more cleansed and healthy. For this reason and a few more, many people get Estheticians mixed up with professional skin care practitioners such as dermatologist, but know that estheticians can not diagnose people. (“What is Esthetics?”) . In today’s, society skin care is becoming a very common and very trendy. From all the beauty gurus advertising and putting out reviews on products/skincare spa treatments then stating which are hits and which are misses to their followers, to all the people who are inspired to have there skin looking their absolute best. The skincare industry is really taking off coming up with new products and treatments for ones skin to help it looking its best and more importantly healthy.Makeup is a way to express oneself with no rules to follow, from traditional makeup artist to even theatrical makeup to even whole body transformation. These artist earn an average annual wage of $60,970 and $29.31 median hourly wages in 2016 (McKay). Makeup artists job is to do a clients makeup and most of the time they explain what techniques might help the clients when doing their own makeup themselves. For this job having social skills is very important because depending on how well the artist communicates with the client will determine whether or not they will come back. Makeup artist have a very fun and interesting job because there are absolutely no limits once so ever. They also get to experience significant events in different client’s life and try to make it a little bit better with your service of doing their makeup such as doing a brides makeup for their wedding.Although I am very interested in all of the fields above I want to pursue more into makeup and esthetics path of cosmetology.  If I stay along the lines of a makeup artist my plans would hopefully be a very successful makeup artist and start my own line of products. Through the research I have found that when a person wants to start their “own makeup line from total scratch takes time, may take 9 to 15 months”,(ProfitableVenture.com). In that time the creator is perfecting every single detail going into this investment. One must consider the formula, smell, and all the details for the packaging . Promoting ones product is also very important because individuality is important in marketing. For example why is the new product unique or what qualities does is have. Creating a new product or even a new brand is hard work. However it is not impossible at all. It just takes devotion and patients to get to the finish line.During my research I discovered that  in order to start my own esthetics facials and spa I would have to follow many regulations. Such as get Esthetician license which would require 750 hours of instruction in esthetics specialty (Regulation of Cosmetology Occupations,pg9). Also one must have a Beauty shop license to maintain an establishment. This follows with surprise inspections to make sure a business owner’s shops are up to date and following all the regulations required by the state. One should also consider the location of the shop. Is it in a busy street easily seen or hidden in a corner. This will affect how good or bad one will start. Starting up your own shop may take some planning , thinking about the small detains, and of course good old labor fixing the place up to one’s liking but the end product is worth it.When researching all these fields and different career paths within the cosmetology industry;  people can say that being creative, having good business management, social skills, and having a little endurance with all the walking in the daily careers of cosmetologist is very essential to having a successful career. Today there are more than half a million people work in cosmetology careers; and 43% of them are self employed(Mckay). However this career is forever growing. This beautification world is beautiful. A world without limitation to ones creativity and I personally can’t wait to see how these careers evolve in the near future.