Werthers Original Essay

Werther’s Original is a brand of smooth and creamy toffee sweets and is owned by the German company August Storck KG. The company is based in Berlin and was founded in 1903. The company is a top-ranked global confectionary player, Storck ranks 13th in sale in the USA candy marketplace. Brands in the US portfolio currently include Werther’s Original, RIESEN, Mamba, Merci, and Toffifay. The candy brand Werther’s Original will be the focus in this assigement.

Werther’s Original is named after the town of Werther in Westphalia, which is a story the company, still tells.I have chosen the Werther’s Original brand, because it is a brand that I have experienced wired things with. I mean, this brand awakes feelings and do things with me that is fascinating. I often stand in front of the candy shelf and at the same time as I see the package of Werther’s Original, I get a warm feeling inside me and think of my grandpa, but the weird thing is, I do not have any grandpa, actually both of my granddads died before I even was born, so I do not have any relationship with non of my grandpas. But the construction of the, you may say, imaginary grandpa, makes me choose WO again and again….It is a nice story about passing something on to one you care about. And grandma’s food is always the best Question 2: Emotional brand Does focus on its functional benefits, the ads tell only about that they are smooth and creamy caramels? Whole the story about WO makes place to a potential product expansion.

But the fact is, tha WO is fast moving consumer good WOs strategy seems to center on building emotional connections to consumers of WO candy. Pleasure of a lasting relationship: consumers at this level of attachment value the brand in question because it has been playing a role in their lives for quite some time.For example, a brand that someone has been using since they were a child because his/her parents bought it, a brand that someone grew up with. In that case, the brand will have acquired a special meaning in that person’s life, leading to him/her being very reluctant to switch to another brand. Examples are food brands that people consume during their childhood years, such as Werther’s Original. Want to be a part of the warmth and kind relationship.

In one way it makes you believe that you ate the WO as a kid. The first advertisement was about a grandfather giving his grandchild a Werther’s orginal caramel.But the newer advertisements are focusing on the relationship between a father and a son. The advertisements show the special bond between them and how they father and the son experiences everyday little moments that make their relationship wonderful and sweet. This relationship we see in the ads gives us the feeling of real love and the background music, Everything I own by David Gates, makes it even more emotional and heartfelt, which make the brand to a symbolic brand.

General companies have to be carefully with using music in ads, because music is very cultural.But this specific choice of music in our western world, seems to be the right choice. It is so with music that consumers… 5.

5 emotional response se. s 158 If music is wrong viewer might fail to identify with the advertisement, but in this case of my brand, the music play a forst?rkende effect, because the music is about realtionships between people, which is The song is so alike the words WO says, that there is the change if you closed your eyes and only hear the song you will probably feel same kind of emotions and feelings.The song has slow tempo and the words are directly expressed…. the music express our fellings. The campaign centres around the thought ‘What comfort tastes like’ and highlights the emotional moments of everyday life between fathers and their sons. In Werthers Original the environment is very nice and all respondents could identify themselves with it. With that she meant that she could recall her relationship with her grandparents to be fairly similar. She thinks everyone can identify themselves with this relation.

Nostalgia:Nostalgia can also project the individual into the future when he or she wishes to transmit the past though the brand they are using. The brand is therefore the symbolic witness of a past emotional experience that is supposed to last. The so-called “traditional” brands are mainly natural foods communicating their authenticity as a guarantee of quality, sincerity and trust. This is the case, for example, of Werther’s Original, which has marketed its “classic Cream Candy, made from a traditional recipe with real butter and fresh cream” since 1903.

Their advertising presents the village of Werther in the Teutoburg Forest and a young boy with his grandfather saying “You’re so alike the two of you. Werther’s and that feeling that you never will forget when one who loves you says to you ’You’re someone very special too’”. (a semiotik pdf) “Because you are someone very special…” The classic candy produced using a traditional handed-down recipe with real butter and fresh cream.A long time ago in the little village of Werther the confectioner Gustav Nebel created his finest sweet, taking real butter, fresh cream, white and brown sugars, a pinch of salt and lots of time. Because these sweets tasted so delicious, he called them “Werther’s Original” in honor of his little village. With the same care and love Gustav Nebel created also delicious chewy toffees.

Sweet and creamy, and uncommonly good. That’s why both carry with pride the same great name: “Werther’s Original” and that’s why every Werther’s Original tastes as if it came fresh from Gustav Nebel’s baking pan.