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Westward expansion is one of the big parts of our great nation’s history. It all started in 1803 when the French sold the Louisiana territory to us, this was called the Louisiana purchase. This purchase made possible by the President at that time, Thomas Jefferson, tripled our country.  In 1830, the indian removal was put into place by the President then Andrew Jackson. This was a huge step toward westward expansion because it moves the Indians out of the Louisiana territory and gave way for anyone brave enough to pack up and move west. Looking back the Indian removal act is very controversial. On one hand it helped us to become who we are, on the other hand we pushed many innocent people out of their homes. Though back then manifest destiny was our reasoning for doing these things. Manifest destiny is basically the idea that God wanted the citizens of America to expand our country. Many people also thought that it would be good for the country, and for themselves. Many people moved west because of the opportunities. These opportunities included land, a better life, and the adventure. So many people started to move west including The Donner party and Kate Dunlap.   Kate Dunlap was in one of the few parties that made it west safely. She wrote in her diary “We are thankful to our Heavenly Father that he has brought us safe to our journey’s end. Many were attacked by Indians just before and after us.” Just because they made it there without any Indian attacks didn’t mean they didn’t have any troubles. This is just one example of a physical challenge that she face and  wrote down in her diary “This morning one of the Ohio boys attempted to ford, but his mule floundered capsizing him in to the turbid stream and his barely escaped with his life, minus his pants, which he had tied around his neck.” As well as ” Last night just as most of us had retired except the pickets, a little stampede took place among the horses but soon all again was restored to order.” An example of a human they faced and she recorded would be “A few persons were killed, and other wounded and much stock run off – – But enough of this -.” Along with challenges there was adventure, good times, and beautiful sight like this one “On all sides are immense mountains partially covered with pine and cedar, and at this point the valley is only about 30 or 40 rods wide. Further up the distance between the bases of the mountains widens till there is quite a valley, while below it becomes narrower, till there is only a channel for the creek.” Another example is “Arrived at Pleasant Valley where is built a new stage station belonging to Ben Holliday and Co. , the overland stage Company. This is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains, a clear brook winds through the valley and numerous cool springs bubble up upon every hand.” She traveled from Iowa to Montana at age 17 with her husband and paid help. They traveled on the Overland trail from Lee, Iowa to Bannack Montana during the year 1864. When Kate and her husband made it to Bannack they opened and operated a drug store. In addition to the drug store Kate was a teacher, and her husband was a stock raiser. Though in 1878 after raising seven children Kate’s husband died. Not too long after that in 1901 Kate died at age 64.The consequences of westward expansion was, many people died because it happened so quick and there was not an american civilization out there to help the travelers along their way. Another consequence is to gain that land we had to remove the indians which created many enemies. A final consequence is it was hard to find water in sometimes food. This was because there wasn’t a setup civilization out there, so you couldn’t just go to the market and buy food. Different people have different opinions and will disagree whether westward expansion was worth it, people dieing, Indians attacking, and other consequences. Though I believe that it may not have been the best time or way to do it, but we did and it has made us the great country that we are today. So yes, I do believe that westward expansion was worth it.