WeWOOD will ever be the exact same.

WeWOOD is a unique watch and accessory company that gives back to the Earth. The company started in Florence, Italy. A city that is historically renowned for its beautiful art and creativity. The brand was developed in 2009 by Alessandro Rosano, Daniele Guidi, and Emma Bogren. The three founders wanted their company to fit right in with the city’s past, they decided to handcraft each watch from exotic hardwoods from around the world. Fitting in with Florence’s deep history, the watches were designed to be as much of an art piece as a timepiece. Wanting a beautiful message to backup their beautiful watches, WeWOOD partnered with American Forest, Treedom, and Trees for the Future; this partnership made it so one tree would be planted for every product sold. In 2010, WeWOOD became the first ever timepiece company to sell watches made completely out of toxic-free recycled hardwood. After their first year, WeWOOD expanded overseas to the United States. Finding so much success in America, the company continued to expand around the globe; WeWOOD is now sold in Italy, America, the UK, Brazil, Australia, and they ship to everywhere else. Since 2010, the company has expanded their product base to include sunglass frames, bowties, suspenders, and even frescobol sets.Although WeWOOD is still a lesser known company, they have planted almost half a million trees already and have a goal of hitting one million by 2020. Because every tree has its own grain, like a fingerprint, no two watches will ever be the exact same. This just further reinforces the uniqueness of the products. Due to everything that goes into the timepieces and accessories, they can be relatively expensive. That’s why historically, WeWOOD has focused its target market to relatively wealthy 20-40 year olds who like modern fashion and are environmentally conscious. To further market to this specific target audience, online outlets like we-wood.com and social media are the primary sources used for selling and promoting.