This Juliet. As soon as I saw

This morning once again I found myself thinking about Rosaline but later today I met the most beautiful girl I have ever seen which made me forget my love for Rosaline, her name went by Juliet. As soon as I saw her I knew we were meant to be. All I can say is thank you to Peter and thank God he was blind as I would have never have received all of those invites and I would have never met my darling Juliet. It was a bit demanding and sneaky of me but I saved him a journey! When we arrived at the manor, I felt slightly un-easy, as this was not meant to be.

We did not belong here so part of me felt excited to be attempting coming into such a place of such elegance but the other felt worried in the case of being caught. There in front of me were a sea of masks not recognising any in particular I carried on in. The masks and costumes made it hard for me to locate Rosaline so I took a walk in which I met this saint, I had never seen some one so beautiful since tonight. From then on I was totally bewildered and couldn’t set my eyes off of her. The good thing was she didn’t look away from me either, in which we had mutual feelings. I couldn’t be happier.

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My heart was in fits, beating faster and faster causing lack of air to my lungs, she was amazing I had to see her again… It was strange, all those feelings I had felt this morning for Rosaline gone with in seconds and had swept into the arms of Juliet. I decided I would not let this moment pass me and my feet briskly lead me up the stairs towards this radiant flower, as I grasped hold of her I smelt her sweet aroma, she smelt as sweetly as she looked. Within seconds we were alone together and my mouth spilled a thousand words on how much I loved her, while she stood there in amazement.

She replied that I would have to be honourable to gain back her love, to show how much I cared for her. So that night my feelings for Juliet drove me to her bedroom window on her balcony, knowing the chances in which death could come upon me. I felt no gut feelings or cared if I died, at least I would die knowing my loved one knew how much I felt for her. As I walked up I felt a rush of walm ness reach beyond me up from my head down to my feet. I could not hold myself back. All I could picture was her beautiful, angelic face in which glistened in front of my eyes leading me into a deep long daze.

This only made me walk faster and faster towards the balcony in hope she would be waiting for me. We shared each others company of which I felt lasted for century’s until finally her nurse came running in we had to bid goodnight. I could not believe it an angel so pure so sweet had promised me marriage! A messenger was to be sent to tell ask me about the date, time and the place where it should be held. I left feeling refreshed and happiness filled my heart I felt invincible, I felt I had something to live for at last.

I knew that I was marrying an enemy, but an enemy so sweet could not harm such a person, I knew I loved her and she loved me. That’s all I needed to know. I knew the truth would not go down well with my family I decided to not tell them as it would only cause grief, this marriage was to be secret. We thought of the idea of running away together but we never got to the physical side of things. It stood as an option. We did not know about our future or money or even about buying a house but as long as we had each other we knew we would be happy what ever was to happen.

Being dishonoured was not on our minds we were in love, nothing or no one could change the ways we felt for each other. I then at daybreak went to friar Lawrence asking him to take our service, although he was unsure at first as yesterday morning I was not over Rosaline and thought I needed to think it all through. He also thought I was being fickle; indeed, it would appear so but my love for Juliet was true and therefore could not be dismissed. Eventually he also agreed and the service was to be held that very day in friar Lawrence’s cell, as he thought it might bring peace between the fudes of the two family types.