What Are Bridge to Wisemens Cove Summary and the Themes? Essay

Task: – prepare a creative presentation of bridge to Wiseman’s cove for the next cohort of year 9 students. The presentation should provide a comprehensive appreciation for the main elements of the novel: themes, characters, plot, setting and style. You should also include a review that you have written. (Marks: 20, minus 10% every day) The main themes of the book are family and relationship. Carl has an important part to play in his brother’s life and his own. He had to deal with Aunt Beryl and his job with skip Duncan.The main characters of the book are Carl who has a major part to play in this book, Harley who is Carl’s brother.

The characters learn to adapt through the environment that the author has placed. The other minor characters are Skip Duncan and Aunt Beryl. Plot: – when their mother goes on a holiday Carl is sent to their Aunt by their sister who wants to live a normal life. Their Carl learns to deal with his own troubles and his brother’s trouble. He has to leave school and work alongside with Skip Duncan.Aunt Beryl and her boy friend run off and Carl and Harley are invited by Skip Duncan to stay with them. Style: – The author has used many styles, and this book is written in a style for teenage kids, written in third person and is written from Carl’s point of view. Setting: – The book is set near a beach and mostly in Aunt Beryl’s house and with Skip Duncan and on his barge.

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Review of Bridge to Wiseman’s cove No where to run from the pain of survival, Carl has a major part to play in his life and Harleys. It is a book about a 15 year old boy and it is set in a town of wattle beach.When their mother leaves them, Sarah their elder sister is made to make a decision of what to do with the two boys. She arranges a holiday for them to go to Aunt Beryl while she herself goes on a holiday.

What will Carl do as Aunt Beryl really doesn’t care about them? This book has one of the most memorable characters and James Moloney arranges words in such a say that they describe feelings and emotions about the characters. The fact that Carl has to take care of his brother and his life is heartbreaking. This is a great book to read and the characters are really familiar to modern times.