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In spite of this, the rules on sex will be relaxed. Providing that the scene shown involves two consenting adults (preferably male-female although this will no doubt arise further debate), it can be shown in as low as 12 rated films. The reason behind this is to make younger children feel comfortable talking about sex while still not causing any warped ideas concerning it, hence why aggressive sex or rape will not be shown in anything under 18 films.

The FAC (Feminists Against Censorship) agree with these more lenient rules on sex, feeling that this will make younger people feel more comfortable discussing sexual relations and therefore making a positive contribution in solving the problem of underage pregnancy and encouraging adolescents not to have sex, but to use contraception and precautions if they are to.

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There is always a chance that they are being over-optimistic and it will either not alter the situation at all or will backfire completely and end up persuading teenagers to mimic the actions of their favourite stars. It cannot be completely forgotten however, that the English population have not in their entirety adopted the motto of ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ and so continuing to censor implicit expressions of love may just insult the viewers.

But when that one person comes home from the hardware shop, who’s to say that he won’t switch on Titanic and drag some unsuspecting girl into the back of a cab? I am fully aware that this is not a joking matter, but although there are a few anomalies in my theory, just because the appointed moderators find something disturbing or frightening in some way it’s no reflection of how the rest of the country will feel about it. Should we entrust our whole film industry on one committee when the judgment of the British public is so diverse?

It’s my own personal opinion that although explicit and graphic sexual content should be left to rated 18R pornography, witnessing something as natural as sex between two adults cannot be deemed as damaging and would probably help 12 year olds to have an insight in to how beautiful an adult relationship can be, and if that includes sex being suggested, then so be it. In the end, whatever decision the people in power come to there will be campaigns against it. Any compromise made will be rubbished as not a compromise at all by some and thought as perfect by others.

My own personal view after collecting and reading the standing points of both sides, is that we have a right to free speech. Adults cannot be treated as children, and yet children cannot be treated as adults. What I mean is however disquieting a certain scenario is for one individual, another will thoroughly enjoy it leading me to the belief that only under extreme circumstances should a film be banned. Adults should know what they like to watch and what they don’t and have the ability to turn off the T. V. when something appears on it that falls in to the latter category.

People who want to have the right to see it. Children though may not be totally trusted to decide what films are appropriate viewing for them, and all parents will not make an effort to decide for them. The removing of certificates may result in more Jamie Bulgar cases (where two 10 year olds brutally murdered a 2 year old after watching the film ‘Chuckie’, mimicking the methods used by the doll). Having said this, we can not assume that all children are the same. Maturity varies and the tolerance and understanding does also, making it seem unfair whatever decision is met.

I therefore agree that the current system is the most apt, where films have ratings that must be adhered to, and programs have specific times that it can be aired on although I believe that programs should be told in more depth to prepare the viewer better for what they are about to watch. In conclusion too many people are unhappy for the government to keep things how they are. The apathetic can’t be allowed to drag down the numbers and stop a positive change happening just because it doesn’t affect them. Nothing will turn Britain in to a Utopia, but T. V. is influential enough to try and improve it slightly at least.