Over been conducted for NGOs, Govt. Officials, Professionals,

Over the years the institute has conducted 124 Technical programmes, involving over 1965 participants and 36 special Environmental awareness programmes have been conducted for NGOs, Govt. Officials, Professionals, Universities and Educational Institutions. There are many similar Environmental Training Institutes that have been established by the government in various states.

Tata Research Institute:

The Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) has launched a major project, the first phase of which is nearing completion. This project called “Growth with Resource Enhancement of Environment and Nature (GREEN India 2047)” has rigorously estimated the reduction in India’s key natural resources during the period 1947-97, and has computed economic values of consequent losses, which in some cases are alarmingly high.

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On the basis of past experience and a careful analysis of the cost behind the degradation that has taken place in the past, strategies for the future have been developed, whereby a fresh and creative approach can be taken in the next 50 years.

The National Institute of Health and Family:

The National Institute of Health and Family Welfare is a premier institution in the country. It has kept pace with new thinking and contributed to the knowledge in the area of health and family welfare.

The main objective of the Institute is to serve as an apex technical institution to promote national health and family welfare programmes in the country through education and training, research, evaluation and monitoring, consultancy and advocacy, and providing certain specialized services.

NIHFW is an autonomous Institute funded by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. It is situated in South Delhi.

CAF: An Organisation Providing Financial Help to NGO’s:

CAF India’s vision is to create a sustainable voluntary sector with resources contributed by relationships built on trust between NGOs and donors. CAF India has pioneered corporate community initiatives with several companies in India. CAF India has a registered public charitable trust, exempt under Indian tax laws, and it has offices in Delhi and Bangalore.

CAF India is opening up new resources within companies by working with chambers of commerce, such as the Confederation of Indian Industry, on the development of primary education facilities and by providing fund raising support.