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The organization views the Quality Management System as an integral part of the overall business of the company. Top management is involved in the establishment of the system.

By establishing a vision stated in the quality policy, and leading by example, Indian Construction Company’s top management instills trust within the organization.

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There are many activities encompassed within the scope of these responsibilities, but the primary ones that are necessary to achieve our quality objectives are:

a) Communicate to all Indian Construction Company personnel the importance of meeting customer, regulatory and/or legal requirements.

This is emphasized in the “ISO Awareness Training” that is required of all Indian Construction Company employees in their orientation training.

b) Establishment of Indian Construction Company’s quality policy and quality objectives.

c) Conduct management reviews to evaluate the Quality Management System.

d) Provide resources to achieve all of Indian Construction Company’s goals and objectives, customer requirements, provide structure for implementing preventive measures, and for continual improvement activities.

2. Indian Construction Company Quality Policy:

Indian Construction Company’s quality policy is written with a sincere desire to meet and exceed the customers’ requirements.

This quality policy is not just a written statement to satisfy the requirements of the International Standard, but rather to be a guiding light in the pursuit of a better product and better services.

The Management of Indian Construction Company hereby declares that it is their Policy to establish, implement and maintain the Quality Management System within the Organization with the objective to assure that products and services furnished by Indian Construction Company are in full conformance with the Quality Manual, Associated Procedures and consistent with all Contractual requirements.

The responsibility for the verification and regular monitoring of the activities described in the Quality Assurance Manual and associated Procedures is assigned to the Management Representative for Quality (MR) under the direct authority of the Managing Director.

Indian Construction Company shall ensure that this Policy Statement is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the organization.

The Consultant/Client, Statutory Bodies and/or their nominated representatives have the right to carry out verification of Indian Construction Company for Quality Management System at any location under their direct control.

To achieve this stated policy it is necessary for Indian Construction Company to plan, execute, test and improve upon any deficiencies noted during this cycle. This is accomplished by ensuring that our employees are properly informed regarding our policies and any statutory or regulatory requirements.

At Indian Construction Company, we do not wait for a mistake to happen, we conscientiously work to find and eradicate potential errors. Perfection is impossible to achieve, but our aim is to continually strive for perfection, 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time is our creed.

3. Quality Objectives:

The CEO/President and his staff shall establish measurable quality objectives on a continuing basis as a part of the management review process.

These objectives, results of attaining these objectives, and actions taken shall also be part of the management review of quality records.

Actions taken as a result of the review of these measures may take the form of corrective actions, preventive actions, or revised goals for the purpose of continuous improvement.

These may relate to any of the internal processes that are inherent to the Quality Management System or to address ongoing activities that will impact our efforts toward attaining the highest customer satisfaction.

4. Quality Planning:

The Company shall utilize Project Quality Plans/Work Instructions/Test Plans throughout the production processes, this shall identify all controls required to achieve the necessary product quality, documentary requirements and personnel responsibilities.