2. the white copy and send the

2. Relevant Process/Specifications:

Manufacture’s catalogue particularly where special handling and storage conditions specified.

3. Tool/Equipment Required:

As applicable.

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4. Procedures/Method:

Storage and Distribution of Surplus items in Transit Stores

Surplus materials at any site shall be sent by site Store Keeper to Transit Store or surplus items shall be shifted from one site to another site.

Store In-charge shall keep a comprehensive and up-to-date record of all surplus items in transit stores in the Material Stock Card format number ICC-F-08.

Surplus items only, shall be shifted from store upon receipt of Material Transfer Request (Refer format no. ICC-F-09)

Before issue of goods for dispatch, store In-charge shall prepare a Store Issue/Receipt Voucher which shall be in triplicate (Refer format no. ICC-F-07)

Driver shall sign all (3) copies of the voucher confirming receipt.

Transit Storekeeper shall keep the white copy of voucher and give the yellow and pink copies to the driver for receiver.

Upon receipt of materials on site and confirmation of their quantity and condition, the receiver shall sign yellow and pink copies, retaining the yellow copy on site and send pink copy to Transit Store.

Monthly status of all surplus items in transit stores shall be prepared by Stores In-charge and forwarded to head office (Accounts department).

Materials in TRANSIT – Stores:

All materials in transit stores shall have supplier’s delivery note.

Upon arrival to its final destination the Site Storekeeper shall sign the SIV/SRV and forward to Transit Store.

Transit Store In-charge shall forward the SRV with delivery note to H.O.

For material directly reaching site store, the Storekeeper shall check the delivery note and prepare the SRV: the pink and white copies along with original delivery note shall be sent to Transit Store.

Transit storekeeper shall keep the white copy and send the pink copy along with delivery note to Head Office.

All sites shall fill in the SRV No. on the Material Requisition forms.