2. laying the tile. Soak the tiles

2. Relevant Process/Specification:

Contract specification

3. Tools/Equipment Required:

Masonry equipments, Tile, cutting machine, spirit level, wooden hammer.

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4. Procedure / Method:

Confirm that areas to be tiled are approved as per drawing and finishing Schedule.

Check and confirm, the tile available is approved for the particular job and quantity is enough to complete the job.

Confirm that the conduits are laid and approved.

Floor tiling:

The surface of the floor has to be thoroughly cleaned and hacked to ensure good bond with cement bed.

Wash the floor slab to remove dust, dirt, and other deleterious materials.

Soak the concrete surface over night prior to laying the bed.

Immediately prior to laying mortar bed, mop out excess water and coat with neat cement slurry.

Slurry shall be prepared by mixing cement, bonding Agent and Water.


Material for the bed shall be of 1 part of cement and 4 parts of sand by volume or as specified.

Finished floor levels shall be given on the walls and on floor.

The mortar shall be mixed and spread over the slurred surface. Level and compact the mortar as per the level given.

Thick cement slurry shall be prepared and kept ready immediately prior to laying the tile.

Soak the tiles at least 3 hours before tiling.

The work shall be set out on such a way to achieve minimum cut tiles near the walls and threshold.

Slurry shall be spread over the portion of cement mortar bed where the tiling will be done immediately.

Tiles shall be laid over the slurry, with true aligned joints of even width 3 mm or as specified.

To maintain the uniform joint width, plastic spacers of width shall be used.

Care shall be taken to adequately fill and remove all air pockets from beneath the tiles.

After completion of tiling, excess mortar shall be cleaned and removed from the tile surface.

The tiles joints shall be kept free from any mortar for grouting purpose.

The surface shall be cured for 12 hours before grouting.

The grouting shall be done with approved grouting material. The manufacturer’s instructions/ recommendations shall be followed throughout the grouting process.

The finished surface shall be protected by suitable means.

Wall tiling:

The plastered surface of the wall shall be scratched slightly (not too deep), and then the mortar is set, to form a key with tile adhesive.

All the defects on the wall shall be made good before the work commences.

The plastered surface (except the surface of plaster board if any) shall be kept wet immediately prior to tiling.


The top level shall be line marked on the walls as per the drawing shown/specified.

The tiles shall be in dry / wet condition as per the recommendation of tile Adhesive manufacturer.

Adhesive shall be applied over the plastered surface with toothed spatula and the tiles shall be laid over the adhesive. Press the tiles carefully, so that the adhesive mortar is spread evenly, the bonding is perfect and the tile does not slide.

Extreme care shall be taken while setting out line and level of the tiles.

Tiles shall be fixed with true horizontal and vertical joints of an even width.

Tiling proceeds as stated earlier till the completion.

Excess adhesive shall be cleaned off from the surface of the tile with wet cloth/sponge.

Cure the surface for 12 hours before grouting.

Grouting shall be done with approved grouting material.