What an institution where children go to

What makes a school a school? According to the oxford dictionary,
a school is an institution for educating children. By the dictionary’s definition, a
school is solely an institution where children are being educated. For me
that’s different, a school is more than just an institution where children go
to be taught. Although the education of children is a very large part of it, a
lot of other important factors go into what makes a school a school. For me a
school is a building full of people that are dedicated to the education and
safety of every child that enters it. A school is not just a place that
teaches, a school is a place that inspires learning.

Several factors make up a school; the first being a caring staff.
A school is not just made up of teachers and students. There are several other
important people that make up schools. In a school the faculties jobs are to
work to have the best possible place for learning. The teachers work directly
with the students to teach them the knowledge that they need to be successful
in life. The custodians work hard to have the cleanest and most sanitized
learning environment possible. The cafeteria staff works to prepare nutritious
meals for all of the students. The office staff and principal work to make the
building operations run smoothly. All of these workers make up a school, they
all work together to make the students be the most successful in there education
and be the very best that they can be. A school is also a place where students
go to feel safe. “Students need to feel safe in order to learn they need to
feel secure in order to want to participate.” (Dusenbury, 2012). A school is a
place that is filled with genuine caring adults that work to make every student
feel welcome and safe. “A good school cares about each student and the adults
work together to provide a web of emotional and social support for the
students.” (Lipsitz, 2006). All the students should come into a school every
morning knowing they are in a safe and welcoming environment where the whole
staff cares about them and they always have someone they can talk to.

Schools are also a place that inspire learning. In a school the
teachers should teach to the best of their abilities while also encouraging
creativity, innovation, or curiosity. Teachers need to be passionate and
enthusiastic about what they are teaching so the students feel inspired to

Why do we have schools? And how do they function? We have schools
because children need to be taught in the best environment possible. I also
think we have schools to teach children social skills, routines, basic
study/learning habits and problem-solving knowledge that will help students be
successful in life.

To begin, we have schools to put kids in the right environment to
encourage learning.  Having a positive environment that is focused on
learning and expanding the mind of students is important for students to enjoy

Another reason we have schools is because of the social benefits.
Schools force student to learn to work with other students from the time they
are in kindergarten to when they graduate. With schools, children are exposed
not only to new ideas but also to same aged compatriots. “This instils sociable
practices such as empathy, friendship, participation, assistance which turn out
to be important in their adulthood.” (Deepika, 2012). The social skills that
students learn in school are essential for when they are working their jobs in
the future.

 We also have schools to
teach kids routines and learning habits. Structure is important in anyone’s
life and the key to that is to have good routines; in school’s kids learn
routines and it helps them to make good routines when they are older.

 Finally, we have schools to
simply teach children and make them good problem solvers. “School is the
foremost fountain of knowledge children are exposed to. It gives a chance for
them to acquire knowledge on various fields of education such as people,
literature, history, mathematics, politics, and other numerous subjects.”
(Deepika, 2012). While in school students learn various types of things that
make them good problem solvers. I certainly don’t remember everything that I
was taught in school, but we don’t have schools, so everyone would know Pythagoras
theorem. We have schools to teach students how to be great problem solvers.
There are a multitude of problems in this world and many obstacles that people
face in their lives. While in school children learn how to think to solve
problems. Not just problems that people have in their everyday lives but also
bigger problems. We have schools, so we can teach kids how to solve problems so
one day they will cure cancer or solve the many problems facing this world.