What healthy but not healthy on the inside

What is the medical Model?

The medical Model is a traditional way of treating illness
that we use in Western society. Through this Model, a doctor will look at and
give advice on what actions are best taken in order to improve the
patients’  health, instead of the way a
doctor would in the past using their “gut instinct”. The Doctor will take
physical examinations, gather the patients’ medical history and put diagnostic
tests in place. The medical model goes through the biological and physical
appearance of disease and illness, with this the doctor is able to make a
research based informed diagnosis to be able to treat the patient accordingly. Every treatments main aim is to
provide the best possible outcome for the patient to be able to cope and get on
with daily life tasks, treatments may cure an illness and some may place it in
remission, some make it possible to participate fully in daily life. Those who
support the Medical Model, see outside symptoms as a sign of a physical
abnormality. A syndrome is when there are multiple symptoms apparent, once the
syndrome is linked to an illness the treatment will be carried out in
accordance. The medical models view of illnesses is primarily physical; they
look at what is physically wrong with the patient, and perform treatment aimed
at biologically changing the individual to keep them in a healthy state, so
they may appear physically healthy but not healthy on the inside

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Model Treatments

There are many ways in which a patient can be treated
with the medical model if they have some form of mental illness of poor mental
health. Doctors are likely to prescribe drugs regularly to enable the patient
to cope and participate normally in everyday life. E.g. – a patient that comes
in to a doctor’s office with a severe case of depression, anxiety, obsessive
compulsive disorder (OCD), the doctor would most likely advise a prescription
for anti-depressants. Anti-depressants contain serotonin that will make the
user have a greater feeling of happiness and wellbeing. Handing out a drug to a
patent will not make them cured, it will only sooth the symptoms for a period
of time, the source of the problem will need to be figured out in order to help
the patient fully.  Electric convulsive
therapy or ECT is a treatment that is hardly used now compared to the amount it
was sixty years ago. It was primarily used to treat people with schizophrenia.
ECT works by sending an electric current through the brain,  it triggers an epileptic seizure and causes
changes in the brain that mat reverse some mental health illness’s because of
the changes in the brain chemistry.