What Has Happened to Reading Essay

In my opinion reading is fading more and more each day, in today’s society people are reading less and less, looking for ways around it and don’t see the point in reading anymore. Saying what is the point why should I read when I can go see the movie, or by the audio version of the book and get the same information in less time and takes a lot less effort. In this essay I will attempt to show why I personally think that even with today’s technologies reading books, magazines, etc. the old fashioned way is still important.

One of the main reasons that I think that reading the old fashioned way is more important today in our society where we have the technology at are fingertips. This is because when you take the time to read you observe much more than if you were to go buy or rent the audio version or even trying to get the movie. When you read with every word you are able to absorb the information and use your own imagination to picture the story as you think that the author is trying to describe it, and try to place yourself in the story.

Also if you do not know what a word means you may be more incline to continue reading to find out the meaning or sometimes even go as far as to go get a dictionary and look the word up. If you do not know what a word means you are likely to be curious and find a way to figure out the meaning. Which brings me to my next point. Weather you look it up in a dictionary, or on Google, or even ask someone. When you read you are also learning as you go along. Even if it is just one or two words in the whole book that you did not know you learn those one or two words.

You have increased you knowledge by reading just one book, that ultimately you can pass on to someone else and increase their knowledge as well. Just think about it. Have you ever went to the movies and herd the actor say something that you didn’t know what he or she was talking about, then went home to find out the meaning of the word? Chances are the answer to that is no. Nine times out of ten you have forgotten or ignored the fact that you didn’t know the word to begin with whereas with the book you will think about that one word until you figure out what it means.

In my opinion another reason that I find that reading is important is because when you go see the movie, movies tend to cut out scenes that the producers do not think is important, but in all actuality it is one of the main points of the movie. For the few of us that enjoy reading this can be frustrating to finish reading a book and find out later that they have made a movie out of the book you just read and once you go see the movie you think back on the book and ask yourself what happened to a specific scene that you found interesting but did not make it to the movie.

After having read the book you have this effect and you have more insight on the movie. Lastly, some may argue that even technology has a remedy for the people saying that there is still a need for a book so they have come up with e-books (electronic copy of a book). This is all well and good and it has the same text and materials as a physical book does, but I still think that even e-books has their faults as well. One being that with an e-book you have to have some form of electronic device to read the book, then also make sure it is charger or you have the charger and an electrical outlet to plug it into.

With an actual book all you need is you and the book. Also with e-books it is not as easy to highlight important parts that may be helpful later. To summarize technology has come a long way but it still can’t take the place of the old fashioned book that we have had around for what seems like forever. People may argue my points made in this essay but that is why everyone has their own opinions in the matter of reading verses technology. This is just mine. At the end of the day putting forth the effort has it’s rewards.