What if Germany won World War II

World war 2 transformed the destiny of mankind, not
only was it the most destructive conflict in human history, but it was the
ultimate clash of ideologies and factions which had slowly evolved for
centuries. In our timeline after years of war, the Third Reich was obliterated,
Hitler committed suicide and a violent ideology died with him. In the
aftermath, the victors, the Allies organised the entire world in a manner which
would never allow such an occurrence to happen again. They were able to shape
mankind’s future in their image. Today we are globalised connected both
economically and socially. The internet, American influence, all can be tied
back to the victors that war. The reason I say this is because many don’t think
about the world today in any other way than the natural evolution of progress,
yet it is not. If the War’s outcome had been any different, Western
civilization from every aspect of life would’ve been radically changed.

What if – the Allies did not defeat Nazi Germany.
What if in an alternate timeline the Third Reich through military might and
conquest conquered Europe and won WWII. In school, Nazi imagery and teachings
are only mentioned in brief generalisations. We all know Nazi policies were
anti-Semitic, racist, authoritarian, etc., but rarely is the ideology itself

Hitler’s new order was to be a civilization that
threw away centuries of Western teachings-including the ideas of the French
Revolution, The Enlightenment and Christianity. A civilization that bases
everything on the spread and domination of a specific group, the Aryan race. To
understand a world where the Germans won WWII, we need to understand the
concepts of Nazism and their horrific ideas of racial superiority and

If Nazi Germany won the war they would reorganise
Europe based on racial hierarchies, since eugenics was popular then, the Nazis
made their policies based on genetics. At the top was the Aryan race, just
below them were the Western Europeans such as the British, northern French,
Irish and Dutch. The Chinese and Japanese were also at this level, as Hitler
declared them honorary Aryans. Below them were the Mediterranean race, such as
Italians, southern French, Spanish and Greeks. Skipping past a few levels, at
the very bottom, were the Untermensch. These were racial groups the Nazis too
inferior or dangerous to live, these were the Slavs, such as the Poles,
Russians, and Ukrainians. Jews, Roma, homosexuals, and communists were also
considered to be in this level.

In this alternate timeline if Germany was
successfully able to implement Lebensraum, after decades of German control,
Poland, Russia and the Eastern Slavs would cease to exist. The Slavic people of
eastern Europe would face a genocide ten times larger than that of the
holocaust in our timeline – mass extermination in the tens of millions. Hitler
was a fan of how the United States successfully depopulated and pushed back the
American Indians, so he wanted to recreate this, against the Slavs. Following
the German victory borders are redrawn arbitrarily and governments are set up
in what was formerly Poland, Ukraine and the Russian states, now with German
leaders. Slavs begin to lose rights, resistance is met with entire towns being
slaughtered and Jews are immediately sent into concentration camps, as they
were to be automatically killed. The Slavic people were to become enslaved and
used as a mass labour force to contribute to the German war machine and farm
the land if need be. But first, most of the population would need to die – laws
are passed similar to Stalin’s policies, causing mass starvation and soon
millions die in a massive famine. In our timeline Hitler’s plan was for over 50
million people to die, before colonisation could begin. Over a period of a few
years, once the natives no longer exist as a nation, German colonists begin
moving and colonising former Slavic lands. Germany as a country is quadrupled
in size expanding from France, to the centre of Russia. The few Slavs deemed
acceptable for germanisation are forced to only have children with Germans, to
eventually breed out the Slavic genes. The culture of these lands would be
destroyed and torched. History of the people forgotten under Nazi genocide.

The German school systems would teach young Germans
the inferiority of the Slavs, creating a new racial divide between German
Aryans and enslaved Slavic people, very similar to situations in apartheid
South Africa, racial segregation and outright atrocities would occur between
German colonial masters and enslaved Russians in the Ukraine colonies. Slavs
would be banned from reproducing, except to create new slaves, in fact across
Nazi Germany, abortion would not only be legal, but mandatory, for non-Aryans.
Mass sterilizations would be enforced against parents who gave birth to
unhealthy children or kids born with Down’s syndrome or develop mental
illnesses, German colonists would farm the fertile lands in Ukraine and use the
vast breadbasket to feed a growing German population. If successful Nazi
Germany would redefine the demographics of Europe, and in a few decades most of
the population in eastern Europe would be of German descent.

To Hitler, any idea that took focus away from the
state, was an enemy. Removing the Jewish question was the first phase of the
new order. The Slavs were next, and after that, Catholicism itself. Hitler was
born a catholic but grew to hate the church as he became an adult. His views
fell perfectly in line with the Nazi ideology. Nazism viewed Catholicism as not
only an obstacle, but a threat to the progress of the German state. They
despised the idea of a non-governmental force having influence over Europeans
and Aryans. Before the war Nazis closed catholic institutions, barred catholic
messages and arrested many members of the clergy. However, in part with his
alliance with Italy and to stop instability, Hitler made a treaty with the
Vatican to respect catholic institutions, yet to the Nazis, Catholics remained
a prominent threat. In this alternate timeline after the war, the Nazis would
immediately break the agreement with the Vatican. Across Germany and its
occupied territories, catholic institutions would be closed and its clergymen
arrested. In Hitler’s eyes, religion itself was fundamentally incompatible and
dangerous to the progress of Europe, he even called those who were religious-slaves.
At the time, Nazis had to put up a face of being protestant Christians, but
secretly, the highest ranks, like Joseph Goebbels, despised religion, yet they
decided to postpone any action until after the war. They believed that it was a
foreign invention which made Europeans too weak-minded and merciful.

In this alternate timeline, the Third Reich would
have used everything to slowly eradicate Christianity – propaganda to paint
Catholics as enemies of Aryans, and even secret violence against Catholic
leaders. The same tactics which divided Europeans just as they did between
Slavs and Germans. Over the decades Catholicism would be stripped from Nazi
Germany, most of the catholic Poles would’ve been killed in the hunger
policies. In German-catholic regions, simple Nazi propaganda would be used to
snuff out the church and laws banning Catholic education would be enacted.

After this, the Third Reich would actively discourage
Christianity itself, and if decades of propaganda would work, they could create
a generation of loyal, non-Christian Germans.

These are just a few things which could’ve
happened in this alternate timeline, there are innumerable possibilities, only
limited by the extent of our imagination. To know more, you could refer these

The Man in the High Castle – Philip K. Dick

Fatherland – Robert Harris.