“What if it Were You” Essay

In the same edition, the definition of viable is: ” able to take root and grow”. Now don’t know about oh, but think that if you nourish and feed a fetus from the first day Of conception properly, it will be able to take root and grow. If you don’t believe me, every single human life today (including yours and mine) are “walking proof” of this.

So then, if the definition of abortion is a fetus expelled before it can take root and grow, the definition contradicts itself, and abortion is therefore the “expulsion” of a human.Now where I’m from, “expulsion” of a human is a crime in which in most cases is punishable by death if not life imprisonment. I can’t even begin to understand how the issue of abortion is even a question, or Wright 2 much less exists! What a sick and twisted world we live in. Its’ a good thing for all those hardcore pro-chooser’s out there that their mothers happened to be pro-life. Ironic, huh? Am going to give a few arguments against abortion, and will then look at the opposing views and make a rebuttal.

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The first and foremost argument is that abortion is just wrong – it is the killing of the innocent(Pearce 7). Considering that the majority of America and this world believe in (a similar) God, God definitely is pro-life (or at least his mother was). Anyone that wants to follow God simply cannot be for abortion under any circumstances. God is the creator of life and intended for a child to be born the natural way – not sucked up by a vacuum and discarded into a trashcan. Now if you’re not one of those people that believe in God, you might still be against murder.

IM telling you that abortion is no different than murder. The major question that comes into mind for many Christians is: “When does a fetus/baby have a soul? ” or rather, “When is the fetus a human? ” A medical group of biochemists and geneticists were asked the same question, and mound 19 to 1 that: “The majority of our group could find no point in time between the union Of sperm and egg, or at least the blastoffs stage, and the birth of the infant at which Wright 3 point we could say that this was not a human life”.A good comparison to remember is that a fetus is to a baby as a ten year old child is to an adult: each is just an older version of the former (and all are human). There are many women that have now gone insane because of abortions. They realize what they have done and feel as if they have killed the very child they should have loved(Green 1).

The number one comeback to any pro-life arguments is that abortion is the woman’s right to choose. My rebuttal is simply, “What if the aborted fetus was a female (or hence a woman), Where the heck was her so-called ‘right to choose’? The same excuse can be made for a mother of ten children all under the age of 11, that wants to kill herself. She might say, “It’s my body, my life, why the heck can’t commit suicide”? I have the right to choose death.

I would say that no, she really doesn’t have that right because she will be affecting at the lives of at least ten other people. I’m goanna guess that those ten kids can’t probably survive too well without her. So does she have the right to choose death of her own body, much less that of somebody else’s (the unwanted fetus)?Heck NO! My question is why doesn’t a woman have the right to choose Wright 4 right after the baby has been born? Or does she. Partial-birth abortion is a practice supported by many pro-choicer in which the baby is killed after it has partially been born. If a woman held a gun to her child after it was halfway Out and shot it, would it be murder? What about % Of the way out? What if the baby is only connected by the toe, or to the umbilical cord? It’s considered murder if the mother shoots her baby once it is completely out of the womb. In regards to my statement that women who have had abortions often go insane, many people believe that it is the fault of us pro-lifers – that we are too harsh, and therefore make them feel remorseful.

The fact is, the truth hurts. If someone killed someone, and then was told how bad it was, they would feel sorry too. Everyone today wants to never be told what is right and wrong, so that they can’t be held culpable for their actions. That is just like Plat’s allegory of the cave, in which everyone is tied up and watches shadows on the wall, not realizing that there is another world out there.One man (Socrates) unties himself and escapes.

When he comes back to tell everyone about this whole new world, they beat him up and choose to deny it. And as in Plat’s day, there are many of us who Wright 5 wish not to see the truth and take the easy way out. We must all do what Socrates did: escape from the world and find and preach the truth. Another argument made for abortion is: What if a teenage girl is raped? My answer is “Give it up for adoption! ” One might answer me back and say, “There are already too many orphaned kids who aren’t that well taken care of.

My answer is to ask those poor orphaned kids if they would rather be alive than dead by putting a gun up to their head, or better yet, threaten them with a vacuum to suck their brains out. Can almost guarantee you that they will choose life, and be happy that their mothers also did. One final argument for abortion is people want to know “what if the child will be disabled? ” First of all, go see the movie that is based on a true story, RADIO. Disabled people can teach so many people how to love. They have taught me what unconditional love is.But aside from all this, just like with the orphaned kids, just put a gun up to them, and they will probably give you some indication to stop. After reading a first draft of this essay, one of my peers asked me, ‘I Should a person who has no sign of consciousness (retarded) and does nothing good to this world be entitled to live? ” My answer is “Why would they Wright 6 not be entitled to live? ” Even if we knew that someone was going to do harm to this world, it would be murder to kill him.

If someone had killed Hitler before he had done so much evil, it would’ve still been murder.There once was a pregnant woman who had syphilis and was an alcoholic, and the father was also an alcoholic. Should she have aborted her baby, who had such a high risk of turning out deformed? If she had aborted that baby, she would’ve killed Beethoven. (True story! ) Finally, would like to conclude with the steps in an abortion process. There are types of induced abortions: Dilatation and curettage; Suction; Hysterectomy; and saline poisoning. Dilatation and curettage, or “D and C” is a recess by which the doctor sticks an instrument (curette) up into the uterus, and cuts the baby to pieces, and then scrapes all the pieces out (Wilkes 18).

Blood is not uncommon. Suction is a method by which the baby is sucked through a vacuum and then spit into a tube into many pieces. Hysterectomy is similar to a Caesarian section in which the doctor cuts open the mother’s stomach, and then throws the baby away. (See pictures attached. ) The saline poisoning method is done by injecting a needle of poison into the amniotic sack of the baby, and watching it go into Wright 7 involutions for about an hour, and then dies. The mother goes through labor, and delivers a dead baby.By the way, science now tells us that a baby has a fully developed nervous system at three months, and can thus feel everything. In the movie The Silent Scream, the doctors poke the baby, and you can see it jump and writhe in pain.

People today just don’t have hearts anymore. So I hope I have convinced you that abortion is wrong and evil, and must be banned. Some say that there is another civil war to be fought over abortion. This might seem a bit rash, but the truth is, abortion is that serious.