What Is a Hollywood Movie Essay

What is a Hollywood Movie If you would ask a group what is “A Hollywood Movie” half of the group would say, “It’s the early Hollywood films” That showed what really is “A Hollywood Movie. ” With its structure, narrative, and visual elements that inspired future works. For example, Casablanca and its successful adaptation of forbidden love where he must choose between his love for a woman and helping her and her Resistance leader husband escape.

While the other half would say, “It is a high budget film, with expensive special effects, and A list actors. Such as last years Blockbuster hit, The Dark Knight. Both are correct by using in similar forms characterized them as “Hollywood movies” with characteristics from the production stamp on the film to the exportation of our culture.

From the beginning of the moving picture age you knew if you were watching American films as Edison, were he consistent on showing everyday life actions. While George Milies a French film maker who used more of a comedic view using trick effects. As time progressed and the raise of Hollywood production came you would see a flash of a logo, at least for a brief moment.As soon as the famous lion appeared on the screen, people knew they were to watch a Hollywood movie production. It meant quality and everyone would go watch it because it meant it was rich and varied for several topics from a story line adapted from novels such as Birth of a Nation by D.

W. Griffith to love stories like Casablanca. They were telling people our story in a more vivid atmosphere for all to see. With If people don’t know or would not have seen a Hollywood movie, then they will not know what the characteristics of a Hollywood movie are.Having movies exported does not only brings us money, but also exports our culture and our ideas to other cultures. Educating them about our culture.

For example in  the 1936 film Modern Times when Charlie Chaplin and his love interest have this daydream after seeing a married couple in their home. They dream of owning their own home and her being a suburban housewife; It showed what people want and still want. Advertising how Americans lived at that time, which later becomes the American dream for others.