What is Childhood Obesity? Essay

Childhood obesity is very important in today’s society. Childhood Obesity is when a child have excessive amount of body weight for their age. A child may become over weight because of the amount of food that they may consume into their body. Overweight can be caused because the body may not have enough energy to release the calories. When a child is obesity I think that it’s more of the parents fault.

A child can only do and eat what their parent buy and allow them to eat. If you bring junk foods in your home then you are engaging to what the child eats.If you taking him/her to eat out fast food then you are engaging to what the child is eating. Parents should not wait until the child start having health issues to decide that they want to stop the way the child is eats. Then you have some parents that refuse to stop the child from eating junk food and fast food. What they fall to realize that they are helping killing their child. I know that it may hurt to have to stop your child from eating unhealthy foods but that’s when your parenting role comes in.

Sit the child down and explain to them, what is going and what need to be done to fix this problem. We have parents have to do what’s best for the child. According to Bowman.

.. Consumption of fast food among children and adolescents increased significantly from 1998-2001 (Bowman, et al. 2004). Kids that are obesity have to deal with so much. Not only they have to deal with the weight but they have to deal with other kids.

A child that have a little more weight than others tend to be the center of attention. They do things that they want to, just to have a friend.Some kids over eat more than they already because they are hurt. Obesity children’s tends to be picked on. It even gets to the point that a child may hurt themselves because they are just tired of being picked on. It’s very sad that a child have to deal with all this on top of the excessive weight. According to the Lifestyle Research Institute (2005), most overweight children will likely become overweight adults. The report also indicated that obesity in children 7 to 12 years of age increased more than 50 percent between 1991 and 1998.

One of the reasons American children and adolescents gain weight over the generations is that children expend significantly less energy on a daily basis than their parents and grandparents did at their age. Today’s youth spend many hours participating in sedentary activities. Additionally, we eat more fast food and vending machine food than we have in the past. Health, physical educators, wellness specialists, and parents can play vital roles in reducing obesity rates in children and adolescents. The researchers propose some effective strategies and solutions for schools and parents to use when implementing obesity programs…..

ccording to Green(2012). I feel that child obesity is very important because child obesity is consisting of a child’s health. Fighting childhood obesity starts at home. Strauss stated that between 1986 and 1998, overweight increased by more than 120 percent among African Americans and Hispanics and by more than 50 percent among whites.

The sharpest increases were seen among boys. Childhood obesity should be important to the parents. For one thing why would you want your child health to fail? Why would you allow your child to continue to eat unhealthy food?Eating health should not only be for the child but should be for the parents as well. If the children see the parents eating healthy then they may enjoy eating the healthy foods. The health condition that a child has to deal with for being obesity. Heart problems, diabetes, stokes, breathing problems, liver disease all these disease will affect a child with obesity problems. So this is what makes it important for a child that is obesity to eat healthy food and exercise.

The source that I used looking up information for childhood obesity was basically all from the Ashford University Library.I also looked at the magazines articles to help with gathering up information. I printed out the Ashford University to go by to help me with APA format. I watch the video to help me change the settings I needed to writ this paper in Microsoft Words. Using different search engine I didn’t do because I wanted to focus on getting correct information for this paper.References.Green, G. , Riley, C.


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