What is domestic terrorism? Essay

1. What is domestic terrorism? This is the act of using unlawful, threatening and use of violent actions by individuals or members who are within the national boundaries of a country. They are committed to these actions without any foreign directives and acts against the government or destabilizing the cohesion of the social community. According to Bell and Gurr, the foundations of domestic terrorism are rooted and entrenched in the social structures of the contemporary America. Accordingly, domestic terrorists posits a great challenge to the contemporary American society (Harrison, 2006)

2.      What is Steven Emerson’s review of JIHAD in the United States? According to Steven, the fundamentals of JIHAD are terrorists ingredients rooted within the American community. They posit various challenges to the stability of the unity and security of the all American continent.

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3.      What is the importance of The Turner Diaries and Hunter? The Turner Diaries and Hunter provisions have provided good aspects that convey the implicit characteristic of the contemporary United States as overrun through the strong essence of liberalism as well as been in dominance of Jews. It therefore exists in all the potential risks of terrorism threats associated with dominance of Jews and sediments of liberalism.

4.      What was the significance of the AUM SHINRIKYO attack? The Aum Shinrikyo is religious cult from Japan. It conducted a massive attack in Tokyo in 1995. Significantly therefore, the attack was reasonable to explain the rationale behind the devastating consequences that could be held by religious movements that have passion of terrorism.

5.      How vulnerable is the United States to technological attacks? Despite the huge foundations of controls and anti-terrorism processes, the United States does not posit any safe conditions to technological attacks. There are possibilities of technological attacks such nuclear and biological weapons. However, United States have supported strong anti-terrorism structures to prevent such possible attacks (Harrison, 2006).

6.      Should the media be censored when reporting terror events? The press and the media play an important role in reporting of terror events. Since critical awareness is created to the general public about possibilities and attacks by terrorism, every media reporting should have concrete knowledge on what it is reporting. Generally, the media plays an important role in disseminating knowledge about terrorism to the contemporary community (Harrison, 2006).

7.      What is the role of civil liberties in counterterrorist policies? Since the government and the contemporary civil society are vulnerable to terrorism attack, the acts of civil societies may strengthen or invalidate terrorism attacks. Generally, civil society plays an important role in revealing any potential circumstances and possibilities of such attacks. Elsewhere, the civil society may set out structures that curb any possible circumstances of terrorism. The 9/11 attack was a critical incidence in explaining the possible effects that are entrenched to the society following terrorism attacks. Generally, this attack was a good example in explaining the devastating effects of terrorism. Suicidal motive is perhaps the greatest harm that continues to affect the whole world. It is radically a wrong human motive which acts only to create great property and losses to life (Harrison, 2006).

8.      Discuss the use of military force against terrorism. Military force is perhaps one of the major achievements towards prevention of terrorism. Strong military activities have enabled relative success in the general world view of counterterrorism in the world.

9.      What is the theology of AL QAEDA? This is an international terrorism group with its leader as Osama Bin Laden. With its background been in Afghanistan, the group is alleged to 3 fundamental religious doctrines. Firstly, they have a mission of establishing God’s rule on the earth. Either, they are obliged to attain martyrdom for their God’s cause. Additionally, they are having the mission of purifying Islamic ranks from any possible acts of depravity (Harrison, 2006).

10.  The success of extracting the U.S. troops from Iraq should follow various steps and agreements of international scale. Firstly, consent between the U. S and the Iraq government should be established. Secondly, an administrative policy to compensate for the damages caused in Iraq should be done. Thirdly, the efforts of this extraction should meet the general guidelines of the humanitarian principles. The principles of the relationship between the U.S and the Iraq should be free of any internal control in the modalities of its governance.


Harrison, T (2006) Terrorism: Structures and Fundamentals. New York, Prentice Hall.