Practice of Satanic magic Essay

I have never had any reason to summarize the Satanic belief system; there is no missionary ethic in my church, but being asked to write an article on the subject gives me an extraordinary opportunity to pur to rest some lies about Satanism. I would like to discuss the things that Satanism is not before moving on to what it really is. First I would like to point out that Satanists do not worship the devil! Most Satanist view the term “devil worshiper” as derogatory as it indicates the assumption that the Satanist is somehow tied to the belief system of the Christian church.

The Satanist believes hat he/she is the god of their own life and they alone rule their destiny. This is reflected in the Satanic practice of celebrating one’s own birthday as the highest holiday of the year. Do not harm little children. Do not kill non-human animals unless attacked or for your food. The ninth and tenth of the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth forbid the practice of child or animal sacrifices. Animal sacrifices are primarily used in the Afro-Carribean syncretistic religions such as Voudoun, Candomble’, and Santeria.

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Child sacrifices are used on television by journalists to improve ratings. True Satanists don’t practice baby breeding or hild molestation. According to The Satanic Bible, “Satanism si not a white religion; it is a religion of the flesh, the mundane, the carnal – all of which are ruled by Satan, the personification of the Left Hand Path. ” Satanism is a religion based on the reality that man is an animal, like all others – a being of carnality and key to happiness is the acceptance of human nature as it is.

Christianity posits a false duality of spiritual versus carnal and then condemns the natural carnality as sinful, a neat trick ensuring sinners in need of forgiveness. Thus Satanism promotes the carnal side that has been repressed for centuries. It is the indulgence of this carnal side that is the premise for all Satanic philosophy. This carnal nature is expressed by the Satanist through his/her indulgence in carnal pleasure in the present rather than a hope for reward in a fictional afterlife.

The spiritual religions practice the suppression of natural behavior, such as sex, by labeling it a sin. While preaching abstinence, the religious right-wing knows people will behave according to natural instinct and have sex regardless of consequences and the “pious” leaders make them pay for their sins with guilt (and cash). Meanwhile the religious right-wing eaders indulge in prostitutes, adultery, etc… with impunity. It is this hypocrisy that Satanism stands against. Another essential part of the Satanic belief system is Lex Talionis (lit. Law of the Talon).

Satanists believe the weaker elements of society should serve the stronger ones or perish. Satanists support any means of returning to the order of Darwin’s Natural Selection process (this is inclusive of the elimination of welfare to selective sterilization of those weaker elements). Weak elements are determined by performance and intelligence, not race or religion. So where does Satan come into all of this? We believe Satan (and ther gods) is not so much an entity as a force of nature. These gods are not at all concerned with the life of mortals.

Add to this that Satan is a very powerful word that serves as an isolation between us and the herd (i. e. society). It is this separation from the herd that we hold dear. We choose to separate ourselves form a society where natural behavior is suppressed and the strong work to support the weak with welfare checks and charity. This leads us to the practice of Satanic magic. The Satanic definition of magic is “The change in situations or events in accordance with one’s will, which would, using normally accepted ethods, be unchangeable,” according to The Satanic Bible.

It should also be noted that although the Satanist utilizes logic and science the Satanist chooses to suspend his/her disbelief in magic while inside the ritual chamber. A Satanist knows that magic cannot presently be explained by science but many things that are now science were once considered magic. Considering the large portion of the human brain that is unused, it is not unlikely that a magical ritual somehow taps this source for its power. Magic is used by the Satanist to vent emotional frustration for a need that is unfulfilled.

This covers everything from the lack of and adequate sex partner, sufficient monetary resources, to anger towards an enemy. The Satanist uses his/her magical ritual chamber to cause change in accordance to his/her will and to relieve him/her form the burden this frustration sets in his/her life. The Satanist will vent these frustrations, as necessary, and think no further of them. In conclusion, it should be noted that Satanism is a very complex set of beliefs that cannot be completely summarized in a short article. The Satanists are tired of misrepresentation, of serving as punching bags for Geraldo and other tabloid talk show hosts.

Although our opinions may not be politically correct we still obey the laws governing the laws governing man on this planet and we expect the same protection under the law as other minorities. The next time a talk show wants to do a show about Satanism I would like them to get a real Satanist like Dr. Anton Szandor Lavey, Peter H. Gilmore, or maybe Blanche Barton, not some convenient idiot who will go down for the count if they pay them enough. The problem with this idea is that people would learn the truth about Satanism and the talk shows would lose ratings. I think it is time for the truth rather than hysteria.