What makes me a Malaysian? Essay

Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy in south-east Asia consisting thirteen states, and three federal territories. The country is separated by South China Sea into two regions. There are Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysia Borneo (also know as east Malaysia). and also the former shares a border with Thailand to the north, with Singapore lying at its southern tip.

Moreover, halfway up the peninsula on its eastern side is Kuala Lumpur, the nation’s capital.Contingency planning and controlled development have made Kuala Lumpur one of the most pleasant and attractive cities in Asia. It is now also home to the tallest building in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers. On the other hand, Eastern Malaysia comprises the states of Sabah and Sarawak, located on the island of Borneo across the South China Sea. This part of the nation is home to a mix of indigenous tribes, each with their own culture and language. Vast stretches of uncharted rainforests give way to rugged mountain peaks, such as the imposing Mr.

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Kinabalu, towering 4101m into the sky. On political views, the government of Malaysia is sustained by Barisan Nasional, a coalition consisting of 14 parties led by Malay nationalist UMNO (United Malays National Organisation). Barisan Nasional holds a two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives, which is required to pass constitutional amendments. The country’s Prime Minister and UMNO President is Najib Tun Razak, the opposition is gathered in a front formed by four parties.The main party is the PAS which is the Islamic group that represent all Malaysia Islam Party. Malaysia is a multi ethnic, multi culture and multi lingual society.

In religious terms it is predominantly Islamic, but with strong Christian, Buddhist and Hindu communities. Figure from 2007, the population consisting 62% Bumiputera, 24% Chinese, 8% Indians with others minorities along with foreigner. The country’s language is Bahasa Malaysia, although within the respective ethnic groupings, Chinese and Tamil are spoken.However, English is also widespread, and is the language of the business community. Besides, in terms of economic welfare, Malaysian ranks second in south-east Asia after Singapore, though there are wide disparities between others industrialized and tourist-oriented regions and the most remote parts of the country. By the way, Malaysia also well known with natural resources in areas such as agriculture, forestry and minerals due to its proximity to the equator, Malaysia has a hot, humid climate (20-30?C) that changes little throughout the year.

therefore Malaysia is one of the top of natural rubber and oil palm together with coco, sawn timber, pepper, tobacco, pineapple dominate the growth of the sector. Besides, any food lover will be in heaven when they visit Malaysia. This is because the country’s racial mixture gives rise to a cuisine that is as diverse as it is delicious. In fact, the concept of One Malaysian creation that everyone seems to enjoy is ‘satay’, delicious meat kababs in a spicy peanut sauce.Apart from this, Malaysia also has a lot of good places for travelling such as the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers, one of the tallest buildings in the World, which is located in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is the Federal Capital and main gateway to Malaysia.

The City offers a wealth of sights, which represents the crossroads of three cultures coexisting in peace and harmony. Besides, another state is Malacca which is the oldest established town in the country’s language is Bahasa Malaysia, Malaysia; its history unfolds as one walks through the town square.From its early days when Malacca was the meeting place for traders and the town has retained its unruffled charm. Each culture has left behind its mark and the standing monuments truly speak for themselves of an era of bygone splendor. Still, Malaysia has a lot of nice places to go for travelling and the price for travelling is also affordable by most of the citizens.

According to the above said of description for Malaysia, an interview has been done due to an assignment of course of English for Oral Communication (OUMH1303) that I have taken in the Open University.Interviews of conversation from the six interviewees have been conducted in order to obtain the point of view on what makes me a Malaysian. The six interviewees are Malaysians citizen and stayed in Malaysia but come from the different living background and aged in range of 25-35. The objectives of this interview report are found out the reasons and t the point of views in recommendations among our citizens. Moreover, different people come from the different background and living are able to look into every different things and given their feedback in order to improve and make their country better according from them.Therefore, the questions of what makes you a Malaysian can actually help them to think carefully why makes Malaysia a great country, why you feel close and proud to be a Malaysian and so on so forth.

Through the interview report, we can also evaluate our country itself and make a comparison with the other south east countries that are nearby on everything. The face to face interviews are conducted in their house and working place and the conversations for each person is three hours. Among my interviewees, they consist about the different racial citizens such as Malays, Chinese, Indians and Ibans.This was because different racial of citizens will look into things from different ways and that are the reasons of Malaysia can consists about so many different racial and culture people in a country and live in with environment of peace and harmony. Besides ,they are aged in range of 25 to 35 which means most of them are stepped into working area and working to earn a living at them moment.

From my interview report, the first interviewee is a Malay female ,she is twenty six and she is currently work in a bank as a teller for five years.Based on the questions that have given, what makes Malaysia a great country to her will be the starting questions. From her opinion, Malaysia is a medium cost country comparable to the neighboring south east country, for example like medication and educational. In Malaysia, we only paid one ringgit Malaysia (RM) for consultation fees in those government hospitals, such as hospital Sultan Ismail which is located in Johor Bahru and considered as a specialist hospital as well in our region only charged with RM5 for consultation and medication.Anyway, this advantage only deserve for Malaysia citizens. On the other hand, when we look into educational area, most of the citizens still enjoy the textbook rental since primary to secondary and local government university as well. Moreover, in government schools, there are no tuitions fees, therefore most the families in Malaysia can reduce their economical burden on this, especially for those families which having many children.

Besides, the government also contributes some of the incentives in the form of money to those lower income families and for their children by every month as well.After the interview with the first interviewee, the questions go to the second interviewee who is a Chinese male, thirty and he is working at a Sharp electronic company as a engineer. In his views, he thinks that Malaysia is great country to stay as Malaysia is peace and stable in politics and economic. He strongly believes that only with stable politics can lead to good economic in a country.

Therefore, a lot of opportunities of work come in and the statistic of our social problem can be cut down while the growth of economic goes up.He claims that he can get along well with his colleagues although they come from different racial and exchanged their views and experience on works at most of the time. Apart from this, from my report with the third interviewee who is an Indian female, twenty nine and she is working as a teacher in a government secondary school presently for 5 years had shared her opinions with me.

In her opinion, she claims that Malaysia is a great country to live on as Malaysia is well enrich with natural resources, such as agriculture, forestry and minerals.In terms of agriculture, Malaysia is one of the top exporters of natural rubber and palm oil, which, together with sawn logs and sawn timber, cocoa, pepper, pineapples and tobacco. Besides, tin and petroleum are the two main mineral resources of major significance to the Malaysian economy as dominate the growth of the sector. It also produces a lot of opportunity of works to our native as well. Moreover, she also glad that our country are prevent from disaster compared with the others country which encounter with the earthquake, urricane and heavy storms. It is safe to live in Malaysia without these abovementioned disaster and leads to happy life. The fourth interviewee carried out his opinion that he thinks that Malaysia is a great country as the life in Malaysia is carefree indeed. This was because he had worked in overseas before due to his company training.

He is thirty two, a Malay male and work as an accountant for 10 years in his fields. In his views, he thinks that Malaysia is well-know in a lot of foods and good places for travelling.As reasons of multi-culture Malaysia have different kind of foods such as Satay, Nasi Beryani, Nasi Lemak and Ice Kacang are the most famous foods in Malaysia. It can be considered as a symbolization of Malaysian, even though all these foods can be found in others country especially our neighboring country but all these foods still origin from Malaysian without doubt.

Besides, Malaysia have many good places to visit with beautiful scenery and the price is also affordable to most of the people here in Malaysia.From the fifth interviewee, she thinks that Malaysia has one of the finest transportation networks in Asia. Malaysia’s road network is among the finest in Asia. She is an engineer working in a construction company, Chinese female and twenty nine, because of her job she needs to travel overseas often. She founds that Malaysia also has six world class international airports. The official airline of Malaysia is Malaysia Airlines, providing international and domestic air service and there are also two more carriers offering domestic and regional flights.Besides, another common airline of Malaysia is Air Asia in which offer the lowest prices in international and considered as a well-known brand in Asia’s international.

Apart from this, she claims that the railway system of the country is state-run, but covers only West Malaysia, and the railway network covers a total distance of 1798 km. Another mode of transport which is extremely popular in Malaysia, within the cities, is Light Rail Transit. It is a boon to the crowded cities of the country as it reduces the traffic load, and is safe, comfortable and reliable.

Thus, it is very convenient for her to take the light rail transit and reduces her transports fees as well. Finally, the last interviewee, who is an aged 34 Iban from Sabah, working as a human resources manager in a bank. He has told me that the Malaysia citizens enjoyed a lot of a number of holidays and festivities throughout the year. Some holidays are federally gazette public holidays and some are public holidays observed by individual states. According to her, despite most of the festivals being identified with a particular ethnic or religious group, all Malaysians celebrate the festivities together, regardless of their background.The term Kongsi Raya (which means “sharing the celebration” in Malay) was coined for years when Hari Raya Puasa and Chinese New Year because of the similarity between the word kongsi and the Chinese New Year greeting of Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Similarly, the portmanteau Deepa Raya was coined when Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali coincided. According from the first interviewee, she was proud to be a Malaysian as Malaysia is a peace and democratic country even though it consist different racial ethnic in our country.It is not an easy task to make various racial to live in a country and get along but Malaysia has done well on this. Moreover, the government also provides incentives in terms of monetary to our senior citizens who do not have a family with RM300 every month as their pocket money. The government also provides petroleum, cooking oil, sugar, and flour subsidy to the citizens to reduce our cost of living. Besides, the government provides subsidy to those agriculture, construction, and aquarium fields in order to help them to develop with their related fields also.In fact, our country contributed much of their effort to provide us a comfortable living environment.

In the views of the second interviewee, he thinks that he was proud to be a Malaysian as Malaysia has a lot of outstanding buildings in the Southeast Asia country area. For example, the Petronas Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur which considered as the tallest twin buildings in the world, International Airport (KLIA) the largest airport in Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur Tower which is the tallest tower in Southeast Asia and the Formula One in Malaysia.Apart from this, the Air Asia in Malaysia is also well known brand in Southeast Asia as it offered the lowest rate in the Southeast country region, thus most of the people are affordable to take flight and become a common sight as well.

Besides, the Genting Group which stated one and the only casino in Malaysia has expanded their business in our neighboring country as Singapore as well. Moreover, their business stands in housing development field in our country. This is definitely brought along a lot of investor to make an investment in our country.As an individual of Malaysia, I’m very proud of their achievements in the mentioned fields. In the views of the third interviewee, she was proud to be a Malaysian as Malaysia has done well in the education field and education in Malaysian has become a common sight in our society.

It makes offer opportunity to every individual to go for their studies. Moreover, there a re also a lot of local university which consists of government and private university in Malaysia exists in order to make our children to obtain a highest education and obtain a degree.In case, the government also offer with financial planning for those students who are unable to afford the tuition fees, such as PTPTN a popular financial monetary borrowing from the government which only deserve for studies matter with some certain minimum conditions. Thus, as being a teacher, she was proud to see the development of education in Malaysia has became more advanced and she believes with well educated citizens will makes Malaysia a great country in the same way.On the other hand, the fourth interviewee was proud to be a Malaysian as Malaysia provides comfortable living environment for the citizens and it considered as a caring country as well. The government often donated to charity fund in helping his people who are in needs of help, for example the government had done a lot for the old folks and orphan centre in order to give them a well place to live on.

This was because, those senior citizens had made their contribution in our country before and the orphan can be our leader in any fields in the future as well.Therefore, the fifth interviewee was proud to be a Malaysian because Malaysia can follow up and take a quantum leap in advances in science and technology, for example, the Malaysia’s first astronaut, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor who is expected to be remembered as the first Muslim in space during the auspicious period. Thus, he is brought back o lot of first hand and valuable information of knowledge, it will motivate our young to be active in the space programmed and education. It will also motivate Malaysians that the sky is not the limit to achieve their dreams.Being a Malaysian I was totally proud of this because the space expedition puts Malaysia on the world map. For a small country, Malaysia has achieved a lot.

The programmed will give us the upper hand to further explore space as our kids will be exposed to it from a young age. Same goes to the sixth interviewee, he was proud to be a Malaysian due to his ethnic racial as an Iban who is originally from Malaysia. In fact, He was proud to be a Malaysia as he considered himself as an original racial in Malaysia.According to the abovementioned points of views from the six interviewees, a conclusion has been made to summaries their opinion together.

Based on their views, they think that Malaysia is a great country to live in as Malaysia is peace, stable in politics and economic as well. Moreover, Malaysia also providing many incentives in terms of monetary, welfare, healthcare, education, business to the citizens in order to improve our quality of living in a conducive environment. Although, Malaysia consist of different racial but we still can get along to each other race well no matter in life, job, studies or social activities.

Our country also allowed us to choose the religious that we are keen to without any dispute regarding on religion issue and this is another reason that makes them a Malaysian. Besides, Malaysia is also enrich with natural resources, therefore we can enjoyed a lot of natural resources for free as we like without paid much to gain for it. Therefore, agriculture in our country has become an important economic source and it offer a lot of margin profit to the planters and workers as well. Thus, it leads to job opportunity as well and making improvement of technology in the related fields also.Apart from this, they thinks that Malaysia offer a carefree life for them and living with multi racial people have makes their live meaningful in changing their thoughts and culture with each others. Moreover, the science and technology in Malaysia had become more and more advanced nowadays.

They were impressed of the achievement of Malaysia especially in the issue of first astronaut to space and they strongly believe that it motivated the young generation on discovered more technology of science in the future as well. All of us are proud to be a Malaysian. We also hope that Malaysia will become stronger in any fields and eventually leads us to a happy life in future.ReferencesCarey, J, W,(1975).

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