“What burned and protests erupts in some

“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.” said by Sir Salman Rushdie (2004) on freedom of expression and Ironically he is the target of the death fatwa by the Theocratic dictator of Iran at the time, Ayatollah Khomeini for his novel about the Prophet Muhammad in the Satanic Verses. The Prophet Muhammad is seen by Muslims from Sunni to Shia as the man without sin, the last prophet. The man who has brought Islam to the world is not perfect as they claim to be and obviously Prophet Muhammad is subject to satirical depictions from historical to contemporary era. As a result Violent reactions to these depictions led many to belief that depicting the Prophet visually is an offense against muslims and Islam. Eventually drawing the Prophet is imperative as threats of violence towards freedom of expression increases, also drawing the prophet is a common thing to do in historical Muslim art, and shows how current Islamic values and traditions is not compatible with freedom of Expression.In 2006 denmark had its economy, and the security of its citizens jeopardized after a Danish newspaper called the Jyllands-Posten published 12 caricatures of the Prophet. Subsequently Danish embassies in muslim countries were burned and protests erupts in some muslim countries which usually prohibit such protest no matter how peaceful they were and seems to give what Islamists and authoritarian governments wanted, to make moderate muslims in the muslim world furious at western countries who mocks and criticizes Islam who published the cartoons and diverting attention from domestic issues that these countries faces. Also the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo which continued drawing the Prophet despite the fire bomb attack in 2011 and yet another shooting had taken place in early 2015 and killing 12 people including muslim police officers, several cartoonist and editors of the magazine. This tragic event demonstrated that drawing the Prophet became gravely dangerous business for the person involved.