What her despite all the false things

What does this character love the most?  If what the character loves changes, explain this as well.What Hamlet loves the most in Hamlet is Ophelia despite it constantly being questioned. He presents this on a few occasions; while talking to Ophelia, Hamlet tells her “I did love you” (III.i.125). Hamlet brings to go on and talk about how much her and how beautiful she was. He then tells her he doesn’t love her, but it can be assumed that he said so because Hamlet knew they were being watched by Pulonious, asking Ophelia where her father was. Hamlet has shown many instances where he would fake an act just to confuse others. Another instance is when he quotes “never doubt I love” (II.ii.127). He tells her despite all the false things happening around them, his love for her was a genuine. Hamlet says this as a confirmation; he’s clearly aware of how deceiving he could be which lead to him reassuring her that her feeling s weren’t unrequited. What does the character hide about himself or herself from others? Based on Hamlet, Hamlet seems to be hiding the fact that he is severely griefing and hurt by the alleged murder of his father. An example of him being upset over King Hamlet’s death is when he says “His canon ‘gainst self-slaughter! O God, God, How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable” (I.ii.129-137). In his monologue, Hamlet goes into an in depth explanation in expressing his true feelings and thoughts on the ordeal, rambling on about how truly corrupt the world was. Near the end of the scene, Hamlet continues to discuss how miserable he is and even contemplated committing suicide over his death, even going as far to say that he would’ve done it already had it not been a sin. Another example of him grieving over King Hamlet is when Hamlet tells Queen Gertrude “Together with all forms, moods, shapes of grief, That can denote me truly.” (I.ii.85-86). When he decides to confront his thoughts and speak about them to his uncle and mother, Claudius supposedly sympathize for his sorrow but tell him that he is being overdramatic, emasculate, and should matter. Not only was the thought of moving on ridiculous to Hamlet, but his mother agreeing with Claudius and invalidating his feelings left him feeling lonely in regards to King Hamlet’s death because no one seemed to share the same sadness he had. Overall, based on textual evidence displayed in Hamlet, Hamlet is hiding Intellectually, what are his or her thoughts?  Philosophies? Hamlet proved to be a surprisingly intellectual and clever person because of his acting skills. What motivates the character most? What truly motivates Hamlet is getting vengeance on Claudius for murdering King Hamlet. Hamlet quotes he is “revengeful, ambitious, with more offences at my beck” (III.i.126-127) when talking to Ophelia. He acknowledges his own ambition for revenge and is even able to admit to to, claiming that King Hamlet’s passing was constantly on his thoughts. His actions and intentions in the play all lead up to one thing: getting revenge on Claudius. Not only did Claudius murder him, he also stole Hamlet’s rightful position as king. Another example is during Hamlet confrontation with the ghost when he says “wings as swift, As meditation or the thoughts of love, May sweep to my revenge” (I.iv.35-37). Eagerly, Hamlet describes how he wants the ghost to tell him his story so he can kill King Hamlet’s murderer faster than people fall in love; the ghost is even speaks of how aspiring he is. This helps convey how yearning and anxious Hamlet is for getting revenge; his main goal and the climax of the book is him killing Claudius. Based on Hamlet and his actions throughout the book, his intent and objective is retribution for his father. What brings the character pain?What brings Hamlet the most pain is the death of his father. When Ophelia and Claudius speak to each other, Claudius quotes “No, his sadness is hatching something, like a hen does sitting on an egg.” (II.i.164-165). King Hamlet’s death allegedly changed Hamlet and who he was. His death weighed Hamlet down dramatically, leaving him depressed somber, and suicidal. In Unlike everyone else, Hamlet is the only one who seems like they haven’t been capable of moving on from his death and still continues to think about him often even after days pass. Him showing his distaste towards his mother and uncle getting married alludes that he truly had a close interrelationship with his father