What Technological Advances Have Been Made in Dubai? Essay

What Technological Advances Have Been Made In Dubai? Over the years Dubai has made so many technological advances. Also it has become the world’s richest city. One of the technological advances made in Dubai Is the man made islands. The first man made islands in Dubai were shaped as palm trees.

They used sand to build these magnificent islands. They used technology to get the sand to the spot they wanted to. This Machine acted like a vacuum. It sucks up the sand then shoots it through a pipe and the sand lands in a specific destination.

For people to stand on these sandy islands they used vibral compaction to harden the sand.Also the city of Dubai is constructing something called the world. This is a lot of islands in the shape of the world. Lots of work was put in to this but, with the technology of Dubai they made it happen.

Man-made islands aren’t the only technological thing the city of Dubai has made. They are making many luxurious and scientific towers. One of the towers they are making is called the dynamic tower. This is going to be the first moving tower. It runs on the suns solar power.

Also it only moves when you want it to move. This tower is set to be completed in 2012.This tower took many years to design and it took a lot of scientific thinking. Another tower being constructed is the 0-14 tower. This tower has holes all around it so it can cool the whole building.

This building also took a lot of scientific thinking. The city of Dubai has created the tallest tower in the world. This tower is over 2,000 feet tall. Another Technological advance is the Burge Al Arab it is the most beautiful hotel in the world. It was designed to look like an olden day sail of a sail boat. It is built right of the shore. It is built on sand. These are only some technological advances in Dubai.