What was an African American sociologist, journalist,

            WhatI have just said Was just a few reasons why Ida B. Wells need to have a nation holiday.She has a big contribution to today’s society by improving the treatment forAfrican Americans and inspired people to allow women to vote. She empoweredpeople to stand up for what they think know to be right and to no matter theircolor or gender treat people equally. For her great efforts and work to makethis country better for everyone I hope you will consider.

Wells bought a train ticket to ride first-classfrom Memphis to Nashville, but was told she was not able to ride in thefirst-class section of the train. She also refused when a crew member attemptedto move her to the train car for African American. Wells proceeded to sue therailroad and won a $500 settlement in the circuit court case. But even thoughshe won, the decision was overturned by the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Wells wasalso forced to pay the court cost. But this didn’t stop her if anything itstrengthened her resolve. she kept speaking to people and telling them to standup for what is right. This also is the reason she then began a journalismcareer. Another issue she saw was lynching after it had killed a friend ofhers, Thomas Moss,  she joined the anti-lynchingcrusade and wrote Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases.Now for the real reason I am writing you todayis in regards to a new national holiday. This holiday will be for Ida B. Wells.

Who is that you ask she was an African American sociologist, journalist, newspapereditor, a civil rights activist among other things. Wells wanted to change howAfrican Americans were treated and wanted the public to see the failure ofequality in their own eyes. Then in 1889, Wells became a co-owner of a Memphisnewspaper called “The Free Speech and Headlight”. Wells felt compelledto write about women’s rights, anti-lynching, African American treatment whichincludes segregation. Wells life shows that by taking part in the government anindividual can help influence decisions in administration and legal divisions.

Shealso is known for creating the alpha suffrage club and is a co-founded of theNational Association of Colored Women’s Clubs and National Afro-AmericanCouncil.      It is my belief that Civic and politicalparticipation are extremely important for the United States of America so thatnot only our government, but our society as well, can stay functioningproperly. If the majority of American’s are neglecting their civicresponsibilities and aren’t pushing to help make important decisions thataffect the nation, that leaves it to the few who are, but doesn’t mean the fewwho are, are always right. It should be seen as our duty as American citizen tohave some type of knowledge of politics. Lastly, it is important to have somecivic and political participation in our great country in order for itspeople’s voices to be heard and for American’s to stop being afraid to fightfor justice.

(within the boundaries of the law)