What general) existed during the time of your

What major geological events, fossils of life forms, and environmental conditions (major changes to the air in the atmosphere, the water on earth or the climate in general) existed during the time of your event. Basically, paint the picture of what life on Earth was like relative to your event.Formation of the Earth as a planet is a greatly assumed(stochastic) process, however scientists believe that Earth is thought to have been formed by collisions in the giant disc-shaped cloud of material about 4.6 billion years ago. Gravity slowly accumulated this dust and gas together into clumps that became asteroids and small early planets called planetesimals. These objects collided continuously and gradually got larger, building up the planets in the Solar System, including the Earth.hWhat major events led up to your particular event? Were there factors during this time that had an influence on the development of your event?Earth’s supply of water and organic molecules may have come from a variety of sources- some from comets (not more than 10%) and the remaining from asteroidal precursors to chondritic bodiesThe final step of the construction of the Earth included a catastrophic impact with a Mars-sized body, devolatilizing part of the Earth and ejecting mantle and crustal material to form the Moon.After Earth was created, magma ocean and steam atmosphere existed for a short time, liquid water only existed continuously on Earth’s surface within a few hundred million years after the formation of earth.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nihWhat major events followed your event? Did your event have an influence on what followed?Earth’s early atmosphere didn’t contain much oxygen and was very different to the atmosphere around today. Nonetheless, the atmosphere and oceans enabled life to begin, and the first single-celled organisms evolved about 4 billion years ago.Slowly, these algae changed the composition of Earth’s atmosphere, making their way through carbon dioxide and water, and then releasing oxygen. By about 2 and a half billion years ago significant amounts of oxygen had built up in Earth’s atmosphere, which was set for complex life to evolve.