What Were the Most Important Reasons Why Your Site Was Located Where It Is? Essay

There are various important reasons to why the site was located where it is, such as the river and its contributions to the land, those settled there and the hygienic situation of the country. These reasons are a large significance to where the land is situated.

First and foremost a major reason was the river, the river was had a bend and ford, this made the river slow; but was able to flood near by land.Once the water had gone back down it left nutrients, this made the land fertile and those that settled there were able to farm for themselves; they had a self sufficient land. An extract from the 1947 parliamentary survey of Fulham Palace (what the site is named now) describing the grounds. “ In the outer court a fair brick dove house … A granary … in the forecourt with a slaughter house … A square garden called the plum garden walled with brick adjoining to the said kitchen garden … Four fish ponds and a mote about them together with an orchard”.This official government report show that because the land was self sufficient providing itself food with its pigeon house, its bakery, its various fruit gardens and fish pond ect… This also attracted the grazing, the farming of animals which enabled those who settled there to mature and maintain their land but also live of the animals on the land. it was able to have gardens for viewing its beauty, “the stone gallery garden … rose garden … several walks” this was a relaxing in zone of those on site and entertainment.

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Indeed the river contributed many things to the land therefore why it is one of the most important reasons why the site is situated where it is. Pervious settlers such as the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age made an impact on the land. These settlers settled on the land due to the reason of the river, as I have previously mentioned its benefits. In addition the river also had another benefit; the river was narrow therefore making it easy to cross and was a good settlers zone due to the fact it was a survival instinct and settlers were able to flee from danger without hassle.

A coin found during the renovations of Fulham with the image of the Emperor and dates from c383 evidence of civilisation showing that because of this important reason the site is located where it is now. The hygienic status of the country back then was terrible as there were no drains or waste deposit areas and the country stank mostly in the summer, as butchers chopped and dumped in the streets, human and animal waste in the street ect… all of the things you would expect in a bit where on the street.The wind blew the stench towards the east and the site was on the south of country this was the opportunity for those who where accommodated on the site to escape the stench. These reasons that I have mentions contain many benefits within one reason and enables people to understand what importance made the site located where it is.